Here are the version 4.0.0 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate takeaways

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • July 31, 2019 at 3:01 p.m. PDT | Comments: 7

Patch 4.0.0 for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has dropped. There are a few takeaways that we need to explore from this update.

Most notably, Hero from the Dragon Quest series has been added as a new DLC fighter. It's definitely going to be important to understand how this character works if only for match up purposes.

A large portion of the cast has received changes. One of the most common adjustments appears on characters with stall-then-fall down aerials.

"Immediately descend when using the attack after being launched," is the text that appeared for combatants like Sonic, Simon Belmont, Bowser, Bayonetta, and others.

Quite a number of underperforming fighters received some nifty buffs. However, most of these changes aren't going to massively shake up the meta.

Curiously, Zelda, Bowser Jr., Little Mac, Kirby, and King K. Rool received no buffs of any kind. Ironically, they're often looked at as some of the worst in the game currently.

As for nerfs, the one character that was impacted the most was Ivysaur. This may have been balanced out a little bit thanks to beneficial adjustments to Charizard.

Hero is here and he's completely random

We finally have access to the Hero and his moves don't quite work the way we first envisioned when he was shown at E3 2019.

His smash attacks have a chance to score a critical hit. Upon doing this, the power of the strike will be about double.

Ironically, in my very first match with Hero, I ended up robbing the opponent of two very early stocks thanks to some lucky critical hits. Still, the chance of this occurring isn't too common.

Hero's down special, the "Command Selection," pulls up a list of random spells. There appears to be 21 choices in total. Some are seemingly pointless while others are absurdly strong.

Ideally, you always want to try to cycle through the lists in order to choose one of the buffs or abilities that have incredible power attached to them. This makes Hero very difficult to predict.

However, there is a major weakness with this move. The player requires time to read the list of available commands, process everything, make a decision on what they want to do, then select the option that they desire.

During this sequence, they'll often be left wide open to attacks. Their eyes will be focused on the list and will be temporarily away from the action.

Hero's other specials are also extremely powerful when charged. The neutral special when fully charged deals nearly 40% damage. As for the side special, it can't be stored but it has super armor and has insane power and reach.

While in the air, Hero's aerial attacks require a bit of time to come out, but they appear to recover quickly. They tend to have decent reach though, so commanding space in the air is a strength of Hero's — but they need room to do it.

Overall, it does seem like the Hero is heavy on resource management and seeking high rolls from lucky sequences, but there is a bit of skill needed when playing Hero. It looks as though Hero may struggle against characters that can rush him down very quickly.

There will be situations where a better player is defeated by a Hero user simply because of luck, but often it will still require fundamental play to win with him.

Rebalance of power between Ivysaur and Charizard

Ivysaur was basically the only character that was nerfed in this update. It's undeniable that Ivysaur is just blatantly weaker compared to before.

The Razor Leaf side special is less spammable, the Vine Whip up special has lost some K.O. power, and the down aerial's strong spike hitbox has been reduced.

It's not all bad for the Pokémon Trainer though. The Pokémon that's next in line, Charizard, received some notable buffs in compensation.

Charizard's side tilt, forward throw, and forward smash are now slightly better at taking stocks. Neutral aerial also has more beneficial hit detection and recovers more quickly upon landing with it, increasing the move's overall utility.

It was often stated that Ivysaur was the best of the three Pokémon Trainer options while Charizard was the worst. This seems to imply that Squirtle's overall utility was somewhere in the middle.

Although Ivysaur has been nerfed, Charizard received a few notable buffs. As a result of this, it's fairly difficult to determine if the Pokémon Trainer will come out of this patch worse.

Perhaps the balance team for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is trying to encourage more varied usage of the three Pokémon rather than having players just rely on Ivysaur.

Buffs: Ridley, Isabelle, Piranha Plant, Corrin, Mewtwo, Lucas, Pit, and Dark Pit

A number of other fighters received some nifty buffs. It's unlikely that anyone is going to break into top tier suddenly, but these are fighters that were in need of some help.

Ridley has increased KO power for his back air, up smash, up air, and side special. Meanwhile, dash attack and up smash are more likely to hit with alterations to the hit detection. Finally, Ridley should have a slightly easier time recovering with faster movement on his up special.

Isabelle mostly received some quality of life changes. Rolling has more distance, jab strings connect more reliably, up smash is better, the down special reacts more quickly, and the side special has better hit detection and more knockback when throwing upwards.

Piranha Plant's most notable buffs are for its side and down specials. Essentially, both of these attacks are now less risky to use and will open up options for the Piranha Plant.

As for Corrin, his forward smash attack is better for sniping stocks. Perhaps most importantly, his up special now functions as a better recovering tool thanks to its increased vertical and horizontal distances.

Mewtwo's tail hurtbox was reduced, though not completely removed like with Smash 4. Meanwhile, down smash, back throw, up smash, and side special do their jobs a little better than before.

Lucas has less recovery on his up aerial and after landing from using his side special. Along with better hit detection for his dash attack and side tilt attacks, Lucas is looking just a little bit improved.

Pit and Dark Pit now have faster jabs, less recovery on up tilt and back aerial, and better KO power for down smash and down aerial. These are just minor touch ups on moves that generally weren't used too often.

Fixed janky stuff introduced in version 3.1.0

Version 3.1.0 introduced a number of weird interactions. It seems that the dev team have decided to fix some of these janky scenarios with the release of 4.0.0.

R.O.B. and Little Mac's jab combos can no longer be stringed into more jab combos. While R.O.B.'s hit stun on his second jab was toned down, Little Mac is no longer able to reduce the recovery of his third jab when the "A" button is pressed with precise timing.

Meanwhile, multi-hitting moves like Link's up special, Peach's up special, and Samus' up smash will no longer have ridiculous kill power if the attacks don't correctly connect into the final hit. No more dying at 10% from these moves.

Notably though, there was no mention about Olimar's hurtbox extending outside of his shield. Instead, they buffed his Purple Pikmin forward smash. Perhaps the balance team are fine with Olimar having this as a weakness?

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