Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s Hero shows practical potential and volatility despite randomness

Down B is both explosive and oppressive

Posted by Nico 'SuperQue' Smith • August 6, 2019 at 9:50 a.m. PDT

Dragon Quest entered the fray with Hero joining Super Smash Bros. Ultimate this past week. His inclusion also brought a new character who has the most moves in the entire cast.

Many have begun labbing the fighter hoping to determine his viability in competitive play. As a result, many people are seeing that his down B special is the key to unlocking his capabilities.

Hero's down B opens up his special commands and thus opens the door to seeing how good he can be. We have seen some crazy sequences from this RPG menu.

Most players seem to be messing around with him on some level currently. He looked like he had some possibly broken mechanics in his 22 minute in depth reveal, but up close he certainly has some strong moves.

Hero's down B essentially opens Pandora's box. Chaos could ensue, and you never can be sure what you'll get.

If anything embodies Pandora's box, Hocus Pocus does. It chooses a spell at random and here we see it take a turn for the worse.

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NRG|Nairo is enjoying learning Hero's edge guarding capabilities. Here he shows a crazy instance of using Kacrackle Slash to freeze the opponent before finishing them off with Magic Burst for a big pop off.

Some of his abilities are mind blowing legitimately. Look at this insanity from therookescifire using the movement of Zoom to place himself in the perfect range to drop in front of his opponent and get the KO.

The fireworks continue courtesy of DMG|BlaiseAgain. I sincerely don't think we have seen a character like this before with the ability to freeze characters off the stage and have time to spike them down to their demise. There is also some NSFW language used in this clip.

TeamNeonBlack|Ryuga has been posting some of the best clips. Here is another gasp-worthy clip creating a seemingly un-recoverable situation by covering the whole ledge with Magic Burst. There is also some NSFW language used in this video.

Hero's ability to take stocks despite his randomness makes things very interesting. Thanks to TSM|Leffen we can see down B's Thwack even goes through counters.

The tech we have shows some practical uses for some of the attacks out of down B. It isn't just gimmicks that won't work or are useless. This is all early tech so we can expect his meta to develop more.

The last character the Smash scene got that was this polarizing was Bayonetta. Do you think Hero will have the same effect in tournaments and on the community?

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