'He has a move where even he doesn't know what's about to happen' — Super Smash Bros. Ultimate community reacts to Hero's breakdown and RNG elements

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • July 30, 2019 at 4:55 p.m. PDT

Earlier today, Masahiro Sakurai himself provided a breakdown of Hero's moveset in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. This brand new DLC fighter will apparently be made available later tonight.

Curiously, the character's design seems to heavily revolve around a luck factor. As you might imagine, many players have some opinions about the choice to build the Hero like this.

Hero's smash attacks have a chance to perform a critical hit while his "Command Selection" down special pulls up a random list of attacks that can then be performed. One of the options, "Hocus Pocus," even has a completely random effect.

"He has a move where even he doesn't know what's about to happen," said MightyKeef of the Keef Crew during his reaction video. Keith ended up comparing playing Hero to "basically playing the lottery."

Alpharad drew the conclusion that Hero is going to be the best character in the game due to the potential of high rolls. He noted that the only other time he drew this type of conclusion from a trailer was... Bayonetta in Super Smash Bros. 4.

It appears as though Tempo|ZeRo is also a believer that Hero has access to some rather strong tools. The ability to essentially K.O. opponent with an attack through means of RNG (random number generator) is certainly impressive.

PG|ESAM also couldn't help but react to the properties of the critical hits that can occur from smash attacks. Hero's ability to camp also seemed to have ESAM worried.

As you can probably imagine, TSM|Leffen wasn't all too happy to see RNG in a fighting game like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Hilarity ensues when Sakurai begins to explain how the Command Selection works. "He hates us," responded Leffen.

Be aware that there is some NSFW language in some of the videos.

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