Going to EVO? Here are some extremely valuable life hacks from veterans to save you time, money, from fighting with your roommates, and plenty more

How to get to the airport as quickly as possible, eat for cheap, not get swindled by fridges, not get swindled by Vegas, not get swindled by...

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • August 1, 2019 at 3:16 p.m. PDT

Las Vegas is a place of fun, sin, and a lot of chaos, and if you're not prepared beforehand you're all but certain to spend a lot more time and money than you thought you would. After all, it's kind of built to do that to people in the first place, and it does so very, very efficiently.

There are thousands of fighting game community members heading out the Strip for EVO 2019 this weekend, and we have a few EVO veterans in both Viscant and Offcast who are willing to share a plethora of secrets they wish they had known during earlier visits.

When you're assessing how much your trip is going to cost, for instance, are you factoring in (on top of room rate, travel costs, entertainment, and tourney entry fees) the fact that each of your meals will likely cost you between $15 and $20?

Without the time to venture too far away, most of what you'll find in the way of food on the Vegas Strip is going to come with tourist trap prices. You'll be at the mercy of inflated-rate food court Sbarro unless you take Viscant's advice and spend an extra hour shopping for some essential weekend groceries away from the Strip.

Many EVO goers share rooms with a handful of others to keep lofty hotel prices down, and you can imagine how many IRL fights have broken out over the years over splitting payments like this. Did you know that whoever booked the room is going to see a surprise resort fee, usually of $35 per day, that will be added on to the total later? Knowing things like this going in can really help make your experience significantly smoother.

Below you'll find a few great hacks from Viscant's Twitter page and then a video in which Offset shares a ton of knowledge that you will be incredibly happy to know going into the warzone. Also, be ready for the grasshopper army. Also, also, have a ton of fun.

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