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Hero's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate official release date reportedly leaked

Nintendo of Europe Twitter states July 31 release, then deletes tweet

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • July 29, 2019 at 11:59 a.m. PDT • Comments: 7

The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate army has been getting particularly fidgety as they await the coming of the game's newest DLC character: Dragon Quest's The Hero. An accidental tweet from Nintendo Europe may have given us all the answer we've been waiting for.

Nintendo Europe posted a message Monday morning informing followers that they'll be getting a special presentation from creator Masahiro Sakurai on Tuesday, and in that presentation, he'll be showing off an in-depth look at Hero as well as revealing when the fighter will be released.

This initial tweet (which has since been removed and replaced) also stated that the 4.0.0 update will be releasing on Wednesday, 7/31. A revised version of the tweet changes the verbiage to instead say that the update will release "within 7 days."

Historically, characters have always arrived when the first number of the update number changes (2.0.0 for Piranha Plant, 3.0.0 for Joker) and so it's fairly likely that Hero will be dropping with the 4.0.0 patch.

It seems as though we can prepare for a Hero showcasing tomorrow (7/30) and then a character release on the following day. This would imply that we won't have to wait until EVO finals for this information, as we previously suspected.

You can see the aforementioned tweets in the gallery right here. We've highlighted the specific change between the two so you can easily discern it.

Nintendo of Europe leaks Hero's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate release date image #1 Nintendo of Europe leaks Hero's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate release date image #2
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Screenshot credit for deleted tweet goes to Twitter user Foxcloak.

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