Grasshoppers swarms in Las Vegas are so massive they're showing up on weather radars; also EVO is this weekend

Something about not forgetting your bug spray

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • July 29, 2019 at 11:20 a.m. PDT

The thousands of fighting game players preparing to make the yearly pilgrimage to Las Vegas to compete in the Evolution Championship Series (Aug 2-4) will likely be sharing the Strip with hundreds of thousands of swarming pallid-winged grasshoppers.

You may have noticed pictures and video clips on social media in the last few days as people have been reacting to the sudden influx of visitors. Major news outlets such as TODAY have begun digging in (and through) the Vegas situation to tell us particulars such as whether or not the bugs will prove threatening to humans and how long we can expect their stay.

This actually isn't all that out of the ordinary as the six-legged critters make regular migrations through the area. Their numbers are inflated because of the increased amount of rain the area has seen this year.

"A soggy winter and mild spring made conditions just right for [the grasshoppers to make] a quick stop on their migration to central Nevada," reports TODAY.

It's likely the grasshoppers are on something of an extended stay that will last a few weeks, and that means that there's a very strong chance that EVO goers will be getting the full eight plague of Egypt experience this coming weekend.

While it may be a bit disgusting or uncomfortable for some to be in this close of proximity to so many insects at once, the one and a half-inch hoppers are widely harmless to humans.

The Las Vegas National Weather Service posted the following tweet that includes a GIF showing one example of a weather radar feed from over the city. What looks like a torrential downpour is actually just lots and lots of bugs.

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