Ever wondered how many different series are in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? The final count is entirely more than you would've guessed

We know about the series' included in Smash Bros. by being fighters, but how many is it with everything counted?

Posted by Nico 'SuperQue' Smith • July 29, 2019 at 6:21 a.m. PDT

When you think of Super Smash Bros. as a franchise, you think of its Nintendo cast. But in the later iterations of the game, especially Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, it embodies the term crossover.

Crossover is something you'd associate with Marvel vs. Capcom or another all-star fighting game. Yet, Nintendo takes the cake out of all of its counterparts on this one.

The process to make it into the Nintendo fighting game has simplified as long as the franchise isn't seeking to join as a combatant. There are seven different ways for a character or franchise to make its way into Smash now.

You have the typical ways to make it in: by being a fighter, a stage, or by music. However, now representation can also be included as an assist trophy, Mii costume, items, or as spirits.

PJiggles meticulously goes through every piece of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to find every franchise featured. He reminds us that spinoffs are not their own franchise, but rather still part of another, such as Luigi's Mansion being part of the Super Mario franchise.

The final number of franchises represented in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is 190. Which ones surprised you at their inclusion into the game?

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