Damage multipliers are key to percentages, damage output, and more in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate so how are they calculated?

The Smash Mechanics series talks about damage multipliers such as Rage capping at 1.10x down from 1.15x

Posted by Nico 'SuperQue' Smith • August 7, 2019 at noon PDT

Multipliers vary in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Some are universally calculated, while others are character specific, making damage seldom consistent due to the various factors that are considered.

Rekzius' Smash Mechanics series looks into what growths and reductions are important in-game, and how they work. A complete breakdown is important to make sure the everyone understands how cumulations operate.

All characters have a short hop reduction. This one uses 0.85x and essentially just makes moves do less damage when short hopped versus full hops or grounded attacks. So when you perform a short hop the damage is being reduced.

The mechanic most Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players want to know about is Rage. Rage is a system in the game that makes characters deal more knockback at higher percentages.

Between 35% and 150% Rage is actively being utilized. Rage caps at 1.1x in Ultimate as opposed to 1.15x in Smash 4.

Learning the intricacies of damage multipliers in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate can help you better understand how to put a hurt on your opponent. Check out the video below for a detailed breakdown.

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