Justin Wong talks predictions for EVO reveals, how streaming can make you feel like a prisoner, Samurai Shodown, and plenty more

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • July 27, 2019 at 12:41 p.m. PDT

If you bring up Victrix|Justin Wong even in non-FGC circles, there's a pretty good chance someone will recognize the name. Wong is good at seemingly every title he touches and has a way of looking at and analyzing fighting games unlike anyone else in the business.

We're treated to a look inside the mind of the FG legend thanks to BornFree and an interview he scored back at Defend the North. The pair discuss a myriad of topics ranging from Wong's take on current events to obscure old games that you might just recognize and everything in between.

Justin has had one of the strongest showings with the brand new Samurai Shodown, and that makes a lot of sense considering his affinity for slow and methodical play. He has won three major tournaments with three different characters already, and so it's worth listening when he drops a bit of commentary on it.

He also discusses major recent changes in his life as he's been married, had a child, and finds himself without a major sponsor for the first time in a long while (he's previously had long relationships with both Evil Geniuses and Echo Fox).

We're closing in on EVO, and the community seems just about as excited for new reveals (especially after an absolutely dry E3) as it is about competition. Justin offers a few predictions about what he thinks we'll see for a handful of games including Street Fighter 5.

Though he still travels, Justin has changed gears a bit and focused more on streaming and content creation in recent months. He talks about the good and bad of this, noting that it can sometimes feel like a prison in the sense that you need to be extremely consistent and regular with your streaming schedule to garner and hold onto viewers.

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