Update: Granblue Fantasy Versus to receive English dub; will be playable at EVO 2019 including Percival with new information coming

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Update: Cygames has confirmed that Percival will be playable in the Granblue Fantasy Versus demo at EVO 2019 along with a mini tournament for the upcoming title, a pro exhibition and meet-and-greet session with the team members of Cygames Beast. Original story as follows.

We finally saw our first big Granblue Fantasy Versus announcement in months this week with the reveal that the knight Percival would be joining the cast of the upcoming fighter though now we know more about its impending localization.

Cygames has confirmed that Granblue Fantasy Versus will seemingly mark the first time that a game in the series will receive an English dub alongside its western localization.

GamePress recently had the opportunity to sit down with Cygames' Executive Director Yuito Kimura and Creative Director for Granblue Fantasy Tetsuya Fukuhara at Anime Expo where they talked all things Granblue and Shadowverse.

When asked if the game's western publisher, XSEED Games, would be providing the North American localization, Kimura responded that Cygames will be handling the process themselves.

"XSEED won't actually be doing the localization," said Kimura via Game Press. "Cygames will be doing all of the localization for this title, and yes, we will have the dubs."

The core game of Granblue Fantasy has yet to be officially released in the West even with its millions of downloads / players though it is fully playable in English if you manage to set up an account.

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Granblue Fantasy: The Animation did feature a English dub, however, so we can expect to see the cast of the show to likely return for the fighting game including the likes of Kira Buckland, Erica Lindbeck, Kyle McCarley and Kyle Hebert among others.

Kimura also confirmed that GBVS will have a playable beta build at EVO 2019 though he did not specify whether it would be the same as the online beta held back in May. There will be apparently some new information shared at the event as well which isn't surprising given the stature of the venue along with the fact that the game is supposed to launch sometime this year.

When speaking about the online beta, Kimura seemed pleased that the game received positive feedback from both professional level players and new players to the genre although he reveals that there probably won't be another online test before launch.

Granblue Fantasy Versus is currently in development for the PlayStation 4. You can find GamePress' full interview with Kimura and Fukuhara from Anime Expo on their website.

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