Samurai Shodown SNK Official Tournament results

Posted by Nicholas 'MajinTenshinhan' Taylor • July 27, 2019 at 11:11 a.m. PDT

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

There's a special event featuring the newly released Samurai Shodown happening this weekend in Tokyo, Japan.

Some of the notable players you can expect to see wielding swords and embracing death are BC|Kazunoko, MVP|Pekos, KRone|AbaO, GRPT|Pugera, Sakagami and SNB|Harumy, though there are obviously more than them as well.

This Samurai Shodown tournament is officially sponsored by SNK themselves, and outside of the 100,000 yen cash prize for the winner, there will also be special SNK t-shirts and limited edition Samurai Shodown-themed NeoGeo Minis as prizes at the event.

There are over 100 players participating, so this hould be a strong showing for the game and the scene that's blossomed up in Japan for it since its release about a month ago.

The tournament is a one-day event, so once it starts it'll keep running until completion, so just stay tuned for all of the action. It's also a single-elimination event, so don't expect it to go on for too long.

English language streams will be held at JChensor and Geoff the Hero.

Samurai Shodown — Results

1. Panpiina (Genjuro)
2. GRPT|Pugera (Genjuro)
3. Mako2222 (Genjuro)
3. Senaru (Yoshitora)
5. SNB|Harumy (Genjuro)
5. Kashiyama|Eda (Genjuro)
5. BC|Kazunoko (Haohmaru)
5. Emujima (Genjuro)

9. BON (Haohmaru)
9. PGW|DensetsuNoOtaku (Galford)
9. CvG|Umintyu (Genjuro)
9. Archer (Jubei)
9. Kyoku (Nakoruru)
9. MG|Kainuma (Charlotte)
9. Shinikake (Ukyo)
9. OTYD|Minami (Haohmaru)

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