Hit Box announces the Cross|Up controller combining the stick and direction button inputs in attempts to level the field with pad players

But will you be able to use it in tournaments?

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • July 26, 2019 at 12:22 p.m. PDT

Hitbox controllers for fighting games have been steadily picking up in popularity over the past handful of years even recently bringing in the likes of CYG|Daigo Umehara to its ranks though the biggest voice of the movement has a new design that may further shake the landscape up.

Hit Box Arcade has announced their Cross|Up controller which includes both an arcade stick and directional button inputs for analog and digital movement controls together in attempts to match current pad players' control options while opening the door to even more opportunities — which has already raised some new questions as well.

Unlike their other crafted controllers, the Cross|Up features a fairly standard arcade stick layout with the lever and eight attack inputs in their regular spots, but there's a new twist to the formula.

Above what is typically the first three punch buttons lies hitbox directional buttons for left, down and right while the command for up can be found below the light kick button.

Both the stick and buttons can be used for inputs simultaneously which instantly raised concerns within the fighting game community about the Cross|Up's potential tournament legality status.

Some are already calling for its ban before the public has even had their chance to get their hands on the new piece of hardware.

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The web page for the Cross|Up states that it follows the Simultaneous Opposing Cardinal Directions (SOCD) rules meaning that left and right being input simultaneously will always result in the game reading neutral while up and down at the same time will read as up.

Capcom had to update their Pro Tour rule set earlier this after Umehara planned to use his custom "Gafrobox" at Combo Breaker which was decided to be illegal just before the start of the event.

When asked about the tournament legality concerns of the Cross|Up, a Hit Box representative told EventHubs that they are aiming for event viability by following the control standard of the DualShock 4 controller though the ultimate decision will come down to tournament and pro circuit organizers.

The updated Capcom Pro Tour rule set states that a "controller can have both move button and a lever at simultaneously, however, the controller must give up the corresponding input on the lever . E.g. when you assign the upward action into a move button, you must lose the upward input with lever." By what we're seeing, that means it could be legal to use at CPT events though it seems we'll need to wait and see for an additional ruling.

Cross|Up's Sanwa stick is designed to read as analog stick inputs while the movement buttons are supposed to work as the d-pad.

Hit Box is planning to launch a Kickstarter campaign for the Cross|Up beginning on August 1 with a retail price of $199.99 USD. Those interested in trying out the new hybrid controller will have their opportunity to do so at EVO 2019 where Hit Box will have demo units available to try out at the company's booth.

You can see the Cross|Up in action below to see how it can be applied in Tekken 7 where the player uses their left hand for the stick while the right hand hits all of the buttons.

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