'This is the first time I'm not blessed with a good character' — Daigo Umehara on Season 4 Guile in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition

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I'm sure many have noticed the reduced number of Guile users in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition after the Season 4 nerfs hit. One competitor that has stuck with him is CYG|Daigo Umehara.

"When I thought Zeku wasn't good enough at the beginning of this year, I only had Guile to go with," stated Daigo in his recent Twitch stream. "This is the first time I'm not blessed with a good character."

Daigo would follow up this statement by claiming that it's the first time since Guilty Gear XX Reload where he was dissatisfied with his main. "In other games, I've been blessed with good characters," continued Daigo.

Ironically, Zeku appears to be a fairly strong character this season thanks to the buffs in the beginning. Guile's ability to control the mid range were reduced somewhat due to nerfs to his Sonic Boom.

Despite Guile being weaker than previous seasons, Daigo currently sits at 10th place according to the Capcom Pro Tour rankings. Daigo apparently attributes this to a "so what?" type of attitude.

"I'm like 'even if I try to play safe, my win rate won't go up by much,'" commented Daigo on his stream. "So I'm like 'let's just do it.'"

"What if Ryu gets super-buffed? Then I'll play Ryu. I mean, I'll play whichever is strong."
— Daigo.

It was also stated by Daigo that he would play Ryu if he got super-buffed. He'd play whichever was stronger between Ryu and Guile.

Of course, if E. Honda were to be added to the game and be super strong, he'd play him. Momentarily, Daigo had a concern that E. Honda would be weak to fireball characters like Guile similar to previous versions.

Daigo then realized that E. Honda would probably be given a anti-fireball options like with many others currently in Street Fighter 5. Not too long ago, RB|Bonchan talked about the issues of being a fireball throwing character in Street Fighter 5's current meta.

"Oh, but maybe he gets a move with projectile invincibility like always," said Daigo. "So, yeah. Maybe I should just play Honda."

In the end though, Daigo concluded that he shouldn't be picky with his character choice at this point.

Source via: FGC Translated.

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