LeoN's Bowser captures the world's attention with insane run at Defend the North 2019 defeating Marss, Light, Dabuz, and more

We knew Bowser was the best heavy, but could he be... top tier?

Posted by Nico 'SuperQue' Smith • July 21, 2019 at 6:42 p.m. PDT

SPS|LeoN is a prominent Bowser player out of the tri-state area. He's been making waves since Super Smash Bros. Ultimate released, but he may have had his true breakthrough moment.

With wins over both NRG|Nairo, and PG|Cosmos, he's had his strong upsets already. The young Bowser only strengthened his resume at Defend the North 2019 with wins over Rogue|Light and PG|Marss.

Bowser has undisputedly been the top heavy in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate since it came out. LeoN is the first to truly tap into that potential and make moves with him.

Some of the tools used by LeoN are simple, but must be well timed. When his opponents go off stage, he uses Bowser's fire breath to stifle all attempts to return.

Another tool showcased LeoN utilize consistently is Bowser's Whirling Fortress. Typically it is Bowser's best option out of shield because it's so fast, and covers so many options, while dealing good damage.

LeoN has the Koopa King doing lots of forward tilts at the ledge to two frame ledge grab attempts. The hitbox reaches underneath ledges and has heavy knockback to secure edgeguards.

Bowser's pivot grab may not be as good as in the last game, but it is still formidable. LeoN uses plenty of pivot grabs for continued ledge pressure and to punish opponents for shielding too much.

LeoN also uses falling neutral aerial to pop other fighters up into further follow up combos. The viewers also could see up throw into different aerial follow ups remains true in this game.

The main kill option LeoN uses is Bowser's command grab. Punishing foes who shield too much, and with such early kill potential, Bowser's command grab is an excellent option when it's time to take a stock.

Against Ho3k|Gen, LeoN was content to be combo food. He offset this by trading at high percentages and taking stocks using the rage Bowser accumulated.

The young Bowser allowed us to see his uncanny ability on display when it comes to two framing in this set as well. Well timed aerials and command grabs helped him seal the set.

In his set against Marss, we see how he negates the issues that Bowser has with Zero Suit Samus. Constant forward airs help take away the pressure ZSS puts on a player via aerials and jumps.

He takes stocks with well timed forward tilts when Marss hangs onto the ledge too long. Spectators were also able to witness some perfectly timed back airs, which is one of Bowser's stronger aerial attacks. He baits Marss into shielding so he can finish the other stocks with a command grab.

It was clear against Light LeoN's gameplan was to get Light's Fox offstage and punish him once he got him there. His plan consistently involved back throws and moves that set up edgeguards against Fox. As soon as Fox was offstage, fire breath was used to stop a recovery.

From there, it was a simple forward air offstage, or timed forward tilt at the ledge. If Light got back on stage he would command grab to take the stock.

Against eU|Samsora LeoN's good fortune would run out. Peach's ability to juggle his Bowser coupled with her turnip game to edgeguard proved to be too much.

In loser's finals, LeoN was faced with TL|Dabuz and his Olimar. LeoN would again utilize Bowser's longevity.

Time and time again, those watching saw LeoN up throw into forward air, and also get off the ledge with a jump into command grab. He constantly punished Dabuz for not being able to secure a kill once he reached higher percents.

Olimar has some of the highest damage output in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. LeoN planned to match that destruction, considering that Bowser is one of very few characters who can. This is crazy considering just how much harm Olimar does.

In the final game, LeoN would three stock Dabuz. He ended the set with a back air, eliminating Dabuz from the tournament at third place.

LeoN would face Samsora and his Peach in grand finals, setting the table for a rematch of winners finals. Samsora would again execute the plan of simply putting Bowser offstage and using turnips to edgeguard him.

Samsora would prevail and win Defend the North 2019. LeoN is by no means finished. The world awaits EVO to see what he has in store for an encore.

Source: House of 3,000.

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