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Over 9,000 individual players have signed up for EVO 2019; Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has the most unique entries, Samurai Shodown the most crossover

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • July 20, 2019 at 10:39 a.m. PDT • Comments: 32

EVO 2019 starts in less than two weeks now though we already have all of the data we need to see how the biggest major of the year has been evolving and changing over the past seven years or so — spoilers it's getting bigger.

SRK Stats has released the full bevy of numbers, statistics and comparisons to see things like how many individual players signed up for EVO 2019 overall, which games had the most unique entrants, which had the most crossover with each other and how many countries are going to be represented among other interesting tidbits.

There are 9,173 signed up to compete at EVO this year which is an almost 20 percent increase in attendance from 2018 which was at 7,664 competitors. That also puts it second overall in participation after 2016 which saw a ridiculous 9,899 players thanks largely to the launch of Street Fighter 5 bringing in over 5,000 people alone.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate finished with the most entrants this year with 3,492 by itself, and it'll also go down as the game with the most unique single entrants for 2019 overall. Out of the almost 3,500 players, 2,302 of them have only signed up to play Smash as a mainstage title which equates to around 65 percent. Last year's most entered title, Dragon Ball FighterZ, did not share in this statistic being beat out by Street Fighter 5 and Smash Melee.

On the other end of the spectrum, Samurai Shodown has the least unique players by percentage at only 17 percent meaning that it has the most crossover namely with SF5 sharing 32 percent of its entrants.

Another apparent record has been set for EVO 2019, however, with how many countries are showing up to play with 80 registered which is more than any year prior including 2016 that saw 73 countries show up. The vast bulk is made up of Americans followed by Japan, but even players from places like Aruba, Turkey and Pakistan are coming to throw their hats in the ring.

You can take a look at the full charts and graphs of data for EVO 2019 below thanks to SRK Stats.

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