Close Super Smash Bros. Ultimate set against top competitor Marss had the defeated player popping off at Defend the North 2019

Pleased with the performance rather than the final outcome is a good mindset to have

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • July 20, 2019 at 3:52 p.m. PDT | Comments: 5

Whether or not you agree that Zero Suit Samus is a strong character, there's no denying that PG|Marss is one of the best players at Super Smash Bros. Ultimate right now. He's just one of the competitors that's duking it out at Defend the North 2019 this weekend.

During Marss' run at the event, he ended up crossing paths with Lonesome and his Link. Most betting men would probably place their bets on Marss taking the set without too many troubles, but this ended up being a battle that really came down to the wire.

Early on in the first match, Marss managed to secure a very strong lead. Before Lonesome could really start his offense, he was left at over 90% damage.

Once Lonesome was able to find an opening, the damage started piling up to keep him in the game. All of a sudden, things weren't so one-sided.

Inevitably, Marss was able to maintain the lead for the majority of the match. Still, things were getting intense as it approached its conclusion.

Seemingly against the odds, Lonesome was able to capitalize on a stray boomerang's return trajectory by following up into a forward aerial. This led to Lonesome taking the victory in the first game.

As this was a big victory, we had the opportunity to witness Lonesome's exciting pop-off.

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It would be foolish to count Marss out though. By this point, Marss was catching on to Lonesome using the remote bomb as a recovery option in order to ascend above Zero Suit Samus. There would be no escape.

Still, we could see Lonesome's head bobbing as he took Marss' first stock in retaliation. This cemented the fact that he was going to keep fighting Marss until the very end of the set.

Although Lonesome had an impressive jab lock setup going for him, Marss was eventually able to take down Lonesome's last stock of the second game. Seeing as how Marss still had two stocks intact, it appeared as though the download may have been completed for Marss.

Lonesome was not going to be deterred though. He came back at Marss with extremely powerful plays in the third and final game.

As a result of Lonesome's determination, he was able to take the first stock of the game with a spectacularly placed forward smash. We can clearly see that Lonesome was getting hype as a result of this.

Marss' demeanor gave off the look of defeat. Losing this match would mean that Marss would be sent to the losers bracket. Despite the momentary disappointment, Marss managed to keep himself composed in preparation for making the comeback.

Without taking a single point of damage, Marss managed to even the stock count. There's a reason why Marss is a top player.

In the end, Marss was able to finish Lonesome's final stock with a well-place back air. Marss had won the set.

Despite the loss, Lonesome could be seen popping off. Clearly, his attention was focused on his performance in the set, rather than just the final outcome.

Lonesome's mindset is definitely one we can all learn from. Regardless of the loss, the fact that he was able to keep up with a top performing competitor the way he had was certainly something to celebrate.

Although he was defeated today, Lonesome reported on Twitter that he remained in the top 64 on the losers side. Perhaps we'll get a chance to see him compete — and pop off — again tomorrow.

Source: House of 3,000.

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