Virtua Fighter characters allegedly could have appeared in Tekken Tag Tournament had the game ever launched on Dreamcast according to Harada

Did we almost get Akira in Tekken?

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • July 13, 2019 at 6:26 a.m. PDT

Sega's final console in the Dreamcast went down in history as having one of the best collections of fighting games available for a single system though there were a few big names that never made their way over before its ultimate demise.

Tekken was long associated with the PlayStation brand beginning with its inception after the arcades in 1995 though apparently there may have been an offer on the table to bring it to Sega's platform as well.

A Twitter user recently asked Tekken's longtime producer / director Katsuhiro Harada if the original Tekken Tag Tournament was ever considered for release on the Dreamcast to which the Bandai Namco boss appeared to answer in the affirmative... sort of.

"21 years ago, my boss (formerly Bandai Namco Group chairman) told me 'if you're releasing Tekken on Dreamcast, Sega will offered a Virtua Fighter character for free, but what do you think?'" said Harada in his response on Twitter. "Everyone knows how we answered at that time, right?"

Virtua Fighter helped revolutionize the prospect of 3D fighting games back in 1993 — a year before Tekken first released in arcades — though Namco's title would end up exploding in popularity much more than Sega's.

Obviously whatever discussions were going on between the companies never came to fruition, as Tekken would remain a PlayStation console exclusive until the PS3 and Xbox 360 era with Tag Tournament hitting the arcades in 1999 and became a seminal launch title of the PS2.

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Virtua Fighter hasn't seen a new fighting game release since 2012 with VF5 Final Showdown — unless you want to count the arcade titles in the Yakuza games — though Dead or Alive 5 would end up receiving three guest fighters from the series in Akira, Pai and Sarah Bryant.

A Virtua Fighter x Tekken promotion would have likely benefited Sega more than Namco at the time with the console maker's trajectory after the launch of the Dreamcast, but it's interesting to think that maybe in some alternate universe Akira would have been playable in Tekken.

In other recent surprise Tekken Tag news, Harada also announced that he plans to bring the never-released Tekken Tag Tournament Turbo arcade board to play at EVO 2019.

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