This clip of Cody's knife beating Akuma's air fireballs is further proof that people should explore less popular V-Triggers in Street Fighter 5 more

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • July 12, 2019 at 7:45 p.m. PDT

When you hear the names of characters like Menat, Akuma, G, and Cammy, it probably doesn't take you long to think about their powerful V-Triggers. Not only do these world warriors wield some of the best V-Triggers in the game, but you almost exclusively see them use one of their Triggers over the other.

Picking the stronger of the two V-Triggers makes sense, as you'd absolutely want every advantage you can get in a match — especially when prize money or LP are on the line. But a recent clip of Cody using his less popular V-Trigger against Akuma further proves to me something that I've been preaching for a while now — players should put time into the other V-Trigger more often.

The clip comes from our buddy DemonDan14 who, while known for his Alex compilations, seems to be diving into the world of online Street Fighter 5 as Cody as of late. What we see is Dan's Cody up against an Akuma player, and both competitors have their V-Trigger activated.

Akuma tosses his powered up fireballs to control space, mixing it up with ground and air projectiles while Dan — equipped with Cody's uncommon V-Trigger 1 — has his knife at the ready. Cody throws a knife horizontally, it gets blocked, then the Akuma jumps into the air to try a double air fireball that gets sniped clean by another knife that soars right underneath both air Hadokens.

To the layman, this was probably just a strong read on Dan's part — and it absolutely was a great read — but there's a bit more to it than that.

As mentioned previously, Cody's V-Trigger 1 is often passed over in favor of his V-Trigger 2. With the latter, Cody gains access to his pipe (for ranged attacks), a rock throw that can be used for zoning and scary mix ups, and a devastating command throw that deals tons of damage when landed properly.

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Because of how seldom we see Cody's V-Trigger 1, I believe the knife throw punish worked out the way it did because of unfamiliarity. At that range, the Akuma player likely figured that Cody didn't have much in the way of options to stop the air fireballs (outside of Critical Art), and thus decided to go for a seemingly free pressure situation.

"With enough proficiency and mastery of the other V-Trigger, you can take it from being a quick gimmick that will get figured out quickly to a long-lasting, legitimate gameplan that others will have to put a lot of work into to figure out. "

And that's what it boils down to: the effectiveness of the unknown. While it's true that you wouldn't want to bank everything on hopes that your opponent doesn't know how to fight your uncommon V-Trigger, delving deeper into these alternative options often garners strong tactics, a better understanding of your character, and can make the puzzle so much more difficult to solve for the opponent.

Deliberately choosing to go away from something that is tried and true seems like a fool's errand, but after our very own Jon "Catalyst" Grey turned me onto the idea of choosing V-Trigger 2 for G — instead of his V-Trigger 1, which is considered one of the best Triggers in the entire game — I have never looked back. I can't begin to state how much it has improved my game, my experience, and how many unsuspecting foes have fallen victim to my VT2 command throw set ups.

I've also become able to do things like this...

True president powah!!

This concept is in no way new, as it is reminiscent of what a "low tier hero" could accomplish with enough studying. You take something that the masses aren't familiar with, dive deep into how it all works and what can be done with it, then bring it out and watch players scramble to deal with it on the fly.

With enough proficiency and mastery of the other V-Trigger, you can take it from being a quick gimmick that will get figured out quickly to a long-lasting, legitimate gameplan that others will have to put a lot of work into to figure out.

Simply choosing the less common V-Trigger in Street Fighter 5 isn't an automatic recipe for success. At the end of the day, the abilities have to be a good fit for you as a player, and it's very possible that some of these Triggers just don't have quite as much potential as we'd hope.

Still, it's worth taking some time to jump into Training Mode, selecting the V-Trigger that people don't often use, and seeing what you come up with. You may be pleasantly surprised with how much more room you have to grow with your character of choice by doing so.

Are you an uncommon V-Trigger user in Street Fighter 5? Let us know what your experience has been like in the comments below!

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