Desk's new parry video makes Samurai Shodown look a lot like Third Strike

The hype potential just leveled up something fierce

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • July 11, 2019 at 1:49 p.m. PDT

The community is getting more and more familiar with Samurai Shodown, and now that we've got the basics figured out it's time to look into one of the game's more advanced mechanics: Just Defend.

We were well aware that just defense was a thing in SamSho, but it wasn't until we saw the latest video from Desk that we realized just how powerful (and hype) it can be.

Just Defends work in a very similar manner to Street Fighter 3: Third Strike's parry mechanic. Considering that Third Strike is one of the most revered and fun to watch games in our genre's history, I'd say this is already a pretty good look for SamSho.

By blocking at the precise moment your foe's incoming attack makes contact, you can shave off block stun recovery frames and thus gain an advantage. There are many multi-hit attacks in SamSho and, as Desk shows us, you must time your parries right along with each and every hit - no mashing allowed.

This means players that want to jump to the next level in this new title will need to memorize the patterns of all of these attacks, but also that doing so will unlock all-new potential in one's gameplay.

Desk has compiled a few of such sequences into a video. He explains how things work and then goes on to show us some of these flashy parries along with possible punish follow-ups. Here's a quick example of one of our favorite moments; you can see the full video embed below.

Click image for animated version

Thank you to iamfiefo and KaptenKladdkaka for the submission.

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