Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid adds Gold Zeo Ranger, Pink Time Force Ranger Jen and Lord Zedd as DLC along with cross-play functionality

Lord Zedd coming soon

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Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid has been out since March where it's gone on to receive a number of quality of life improvements, new features and characters over the past few months.

Now, the developers over at nWay have pulled back the curtain on what their paid Season Pass will entail with three new characters in Trey of Triforia and Jen Scotts — who are available now — plus Lord Zedd, who will available in the future. Battle for the Grid's Version 1.3 update is also now available which adds in the previously promised cross platform play features plus new system changes and balance reworks.

Trey of Triforia is the original Gold Zeo Ranger who had to transfer his ranger powers over to the original red ranger, Jason Lee Scott, following his defeat by the Machine Empire. Jen is the Pink Ranger from the Time Force series who fights with her twin blades and also appears to have the ability to stop time.

Lord Zedd was one of the first Power Rangers original villains that weren't part of its sentai counterparts who has stuck around throughout the Power Rangers mythos since the old days of Mighty Morphin'. His iconic voice and silver staff will be coming back though at a later unannounced date.

The game now also allows for crossplay between Nintendo Switch and Xbox One users as well as matches against friends and cross progression between the platforms.

Sparking hit effects have now been added to weapon attacks to add an extra element of flare to battle that will look familiar to anyone who grew up watching the series plus new KO visuals and other animations have also been implemented in the latest update.

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Balance has also once again been touched up across the board allowing for more combo creativity and changes to seemingly all of the previous characters.

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is now available on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One for $19.99 while the Season Pass is available for $14.99 — each character costs $6.99 separately. You can check out the new characters in the new trailer below along with the system changes of the new update. The full patch notes can be found on Battle for the Grid's website.

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Version 1.3 System Changes

Trey of Triforia: The original Gold Zeo Ranger, Trey was an alien from the planet Triforia who came to earth to help the Zeo Rangers battle the Machine Empire. There, he was attacked and split into three separate beings, forcing him to temporarily transfer his Gold Ranger powers to veteran ex-Ranger Jason Lee Scott.

Jen Scotts: Jen Scotts assumed the role of leader of the Time Force when her fiancé, the Red Time Force Ranger, was killed by an escaping criminal named Ransik. Fearless, determined and compassionate, Jen and her team did everything they could to track down Ransik and bring him to justice.

Lord Zedd (Coming Soon): The self-proclaimed "Emperor of Evil," Lord Zedd has conquered and enslaved much of the galaxy. Initially leaving the "insignificant" Earth for Rita Repulsa to conquer, he returns to punish her for her failure and finish what she started.

Jason Lee Scott - Red Dragon Shield (skin): After Tommy Oliver, the Green Mighty Morphin Power Ranger, was killed by Lord Drakkon, an evil version of Tommy from an alternate dimension, Jason inherited the Dragon Shield and Dragon Dagger. With their added strength and the ability to summon the Dragonzord, Jason was able to lead the other Rangers in the fight against Lord Drakkon.

System Changes

• The v1.3 update vastly improves the game’s social play and matchmaking, including Direct Match, which lets friends or any two specific players match up against each other.
• The game now also enables crossplay between Nintendo Switch and Xbox One, where players across the two gaming platforms can battle against each other in Ranked, Casual, or Direct Matches.
• Crossplay helps players find matches faster against similarly skilled players and opens up a larger matchmaking pool, making the game more competitive.
• Crossplay is enabled by nWayPlay, nWay’s recently announced game development platform, which offers a player ID and social system, allowing friends to find each other across platforms. nWayPlay also enables cross-progression between Nintendo Switch and Xbox One, so players can carry progress made on one platform to another.
• When a player can attack during their landing frames has been dramatically improved. Upon landing, you can now attack on the second frame (down from the fifth frame). Moves that can be performed upon landing include all ground-based attacks, forward dash, and back dash. I.e., you can now properly execute “empty jump lows”.
• Adjusted how and where characters fall to when coming in from Swap Strike and KO, preventing literal edge cases where the incoming character would pass through the screen edge.
• Weapon attacks now cause spark effects, Power Rangers style!
• Assist Takeover effects have been added.
• Camera shake effects improved for all attacks and hit reactions.
• KO visual effects have been added.
• Crouching hit reactions added, with certain attacks having explicit “force standing” properties.
• Pushblock slightly reworked: startup increased to 3 frames, up from 1. Pushblock hitpause against attacker decreased from 7 frames to 3. Hitpause inflicted on the pushblocker during air pushblock has been completely removed (was 7 frames). Air pushblock now allows the pushblocker to attack on the way down after blockstun ends. Overall, pushblocking should feel better to use in most cases. Pushblock sound effect has been changed to a more distinct "pew!" sound, differentiating it from the normal blocking "thk!" sound.
• Throw range has been normalized across the board. Generally, range has been decreased for characters with strong "kara throws" and "slidey throws".
• The knockdown state at the end of wall bounces is now an OTG-able state. Supers and Swap Strikes can pick up characters knocked down by wall bounces.
• Splat knockdowns are OTG-able. Dragon Armor Trini and Gia Moran have splat knockdown attacks with their jump medium attacks.
• Dragonzord's heavy attack (Tail Slam) now causes a splat knockdown when hitting a grounded opponent.
• Assists now ignore the juggle limiter system, allowing players to extend their combos to the fullest. E.g., a max limit combo extended with Gia's whip assist, then finished off with the point character's Super attack should work.
• Removed assist physics box during their incoming descent to prevent them from getting in the way of certain extension combos.
• Removed assist physics box during the tauntout phase so that assists don't get in the way as they teleport out of the arena.
• Assists are now only vulnerable for the first 12 frames of their taunt-out animation, making it less likely for them to have their teleport out effect interrupted.
• Removed the physics from point characters leaving the arena (i.e., the swapped out point character no longer obstructs opponent’s movement).
• Most Supers now crush and bypass armor. E.g., Cenozoic Blue Ranger's Super will beat Dragon Armor Trini's Back Special (Jetrush).
• All Megazord attacks crush and beat armored moves.
• Certain attack visual effects (like slash swooshes and muzzle flashes) dissipate appropriately and no longer linger (e.g., hitting Gia out of her air Special).
• Fixed an issue where hitting an incoming character would continue to progress the combo counter.
• Fixed an issue where hitstun decayed to absolute zero too early, causing certain Super and EX attacks to drop at the end of a combo.
• Fixed an issue where jumping attacks would snap lower than their character model (like Gia’s jumping light).
• Forward dashing: normalized cancel windows for all characters. Dash mobility within character classes should feel similar. E.g., Rangers can attack and block out of forward dash at similar timings, while big body characters have less lenient forward dash cancels.

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