'Street Fighter 5 is a masterpiece... the salt is the best' - EVO champion's tweets sum up the community's ongoing love/hate relationship with SF5

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Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • July 9, 2019 at 1:20 p.m. PDT | Comments: 58

Ask around the fighting game community about Street Fighter 5 and you'll surely hear that it's something approximating a volatile roller coaster of inconsistency, and yet so many of us continue to play online and tune into the very exciting Capcom Pro Tour live streams... something doesn't seem to add up here.

The reigning SF5 EVO champion, Benjamin "Mous|ProblemX" Simon recently took to Twitter to articulate a statement related to this apparent contradiction that seems to hit the nail on the head.

"SFV is a masterpiece of a game. When you watch someone just get finessed in two guesses it really brings me happiness. I really enjoy watching and playing this game despite all the complaining I do and will continue to do. 😬"

If you're not quite sure how you're supposed to process that, you're not alone. The statement begins with blatant praise, moves forward with what appears to be honey-thick sarcasm, and then wraps up with a figurative down-the-middle bowtie you'd expect to see on one of Two-Face's suits.

Problem X really isn't fully swinging to either the love or hate side of the Street Fighter 5 debate, but is instead calling it as he sees it: there's good, there's bad, and the ship is still pleasantly afloat. After quite a few puzzled responses in the ensuing thread, Simon further clarified what he meant.

"There seems to be some confusion regarding my previous post about SFV. Just to be clear I do like the game despite the fact I complain at times. I find it really fun to play and watch others play, the salt is the best."

Those trying to simplify things down to an outright love or outright hate for the game will no doubt find themselves stepping in the potholes of over-generalization. It's certainly one's prerogative to say "This just isn't for me," but it's clear by their actions that a significant portion of the community clearly isn't saying that.

I don't want to put too many words into the champ's mouth, but it seems as though he's gotten to a place where he can embrace SF5 for what it is (at least sometimes). Though developers have already done a lot to minimize this, the game does lend itself to a lot of easily-gained 50/50 situations that tend to detract from the overall presentation of player skill.

That said, there's something to be appreciated in watching top players adapt around their opponent instead of their opponent's character and the kind of emotional responses the game incites (both positive and negative) are undeniably entertaining.

If Capcom got one thing right with SF5 (they got plenty more than one thing right) it's that it's a very watchable eSports title. Given the state it exists in today, we're going to play it, we're going to complain about it, but it seems we're ultimately enjoying it.

You can view Problem X's original tweets by clicking the thumbnail here, and we'd love to hear your thoughts on these as well as the game they describe in the comments below.

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