Unbelievable zero to death combos with Kid Goku, Nappa, and others grace the screen in crazy Dragon Ball FighterZ compilation video

Just when you thought you knew most of the Dragon Ball FighterZ zero to death combos this comes along...

Posted by Nico 'SuperQue' Smith • July 9, 2019 at 10:32 a.m. PDT

Dragon Ball FighterZ is known for immense pressure and stringing together long combos. Watching these strings come to life, especially with uncommon characters, is truly a treat.

Many times we see confirms that lead to deaths, but oftentimes, never work in real matches. This compilation video changes that.

DBFZ is similar to the games like Marvel vs. Capcom 3, where a single confirm can turn a game. It is also similar where a whiff or miss can cost you the game.

Xuses put together a crazy video where these unique combos are done in match, not in training mode. Most times, tech is discovered via training and not truly applicable in game situations.

Another aspect that makes this even cooler is the fact that you'll see multiple character/team combinations. Instead of it being tech or combos strictly based off of a few teams, it's widespread.

For some useful tech and some true zero to death combos, this is a very helpful combo montage. There is a team and character combination for everyone.

Click image for animated version

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