That moment when your 0-to-death combo blows up in your face in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate...

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • July 9, 2019 at 4:21 a.m. PDT

Perhaps the one thing that's more satisfying than scoring a 0-to-death combo on your opponent is breaking free from their combo, only to counter their finisher. This is exactly what the King K. Rool managed to do against Wario in a clip uploaded by Loaf.

Wario is generally seen as a very strong character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. His aerials are some of the best in the game (especially that neutral air) and his down special — the Wario Waft — is essentially a tool that almost always takes a stock.

What makes the Wario Waft so powerful is its ability to confirm from so many different attacks. Wario has the potential to KO an opponent with a single combo at 0%.

This scenario very nearly happened against King K. Rool in the clip. After respawning, the King K. Rool player found themselves being juggled by a series of neutral airs, forward airs, and a down air off the stage.

Just like that, King K. Rool went from 0% to 48.6% on what was once a fresh stock. Things were looking bad for the King K. Rool player.

While right next to the blast zone, going for the Wario Waft here just made sense. Had the hit connected, the King K. Rool would've surely lost another stock.

Luckily for King K. Rool, he has access to a counter that makes him invincible starting at frame four. Although an air dodge would also grant invincibility on frame four, the recovery would've likely resulted in a self-destruct based on King K. Rool's position off-stage.

Unfortunately for the Wario user, the decision to use the Wario Waft at nearly the same time as the King K. Rool deciding to use a counter ended up costing him the stock instead. In addition to this, the Waft's charge was used up.

Depending who you are in this situation, this gives a "feels good man" or "feels bad man" type of vibe.

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