'I'd say Punk is a 98/100' - Bonchan praises Street Fighter 5's top player, discusses difference-making strategies at top levels

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • July 8, 2019 at 12:41 p.m. PDT

The West has been getting a little more insight into the minds of top Japanese Street Fighter players thanks to the work of FGC Translated, and we've specifically been hearing a lot of talk about prioritizing the analysis of players over the characters that they use.

As one might expect REC|Punk and his Karin have been at the center of the majority of these talks, and RB|Bonchan recently had a bit more to say when it comes to the strongest Street Fighter 5 competitor in the world right now.

Though the world would like to see him use Sagat all the time, Bonchan has been seeing quite a bit of success with Karin (the same character Punk uses) this year. He has scored two first-place finishes thus far (CEO 2019 and Versus Masters) and is currently in fourth place on the global leaderboard.

The Japanese player leads the segment by talking about how many players can easily get to a B- or 80/100 level in terms of skill and success, but that the slope becomes exceptionally steep once you've reached that place.

What works at the B- level really doesn't fly when playing with professionals, and Bonchan delves a bit into the notion that the game becomes much more about playing against the opposing player than it does playing against the opposing character at levels like this.

Finally he gets to the particulars of Punk, noting that he rates the young superstar at around a 98/100. You can view the full clip via the video embed here:

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