Japanese Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player shows Ninja Jigglypuff KO'ing Joker, plus commando Jiggly, and Captain Falcon crushing her in cool montage

Awesome edits and great animation make for a great video compilation

Posted by Nico 'SuperQue' Smith • July 8, 2019 at 6:28 a.m. PDT

We see a lot of top players and content creators utilizing creative editing tricks with their videos. A Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player from Japan named Nudolf showcases another style when it comes to their montages.

From the awesome edits to the usage of Jigglypuff, it is clear Nudolf knows how to capture your attention and keep it. Armed with some smooth moves and even better animations, expect to enjoy this compilation of top notch Smash Bros. Ultimate clips.

What's more awesome than someone running from explosions? The correct answer is Jigglypuff running from explosions.

We see Joker make the mistake of landing next to Jigglypuff. Immediately she sings him to sleep and follows up with a rest, with an animation showing a crazy Akuma-like combo.

We see dope animations, and crazy combos throughout the montage on their page. A brilliant mind is essential to a good video montage.

As we see Jigglypuff from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and others, creative ways to end stocks are shown. We also see flashes of characters like Captain Falcon, Ganondorf, and King K Rool's ship.

Click image for animated version

Nudolf's YouTube is full of more content just like this short video. Hopefully they continue to make great content.

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