Daigo on Ryu in Season 4 of Street Fighter 5: I know I can't help but think 'why don't I just use Guile then?'

Ryu is seeing some practice from Daigo but only for scenarios where Guile gets a ban at future Street Fighter League competitions

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Despite Ryu receiving a number of buffs in Season 4 of Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition, the character still often sees next to no play at major tournament events. It's really no wonder why CYG|Daigo prefers to play Guile in Street Fighter 5 over Ryu.

There's very little reason to pick Ryu right now when characters like Akuma and Guile exist. These two effectively have similar game plans as Ryu, but operate better.

In a recent stream that had Daigo practicing in online matches with Ryu, Daigo went over many of the Shoto's strengths and weaknesses. FGC Translated provided a translation of the important bits that were stated.

The video begins with Daigo stating that Ryu's only strong move in the neutral is his EX Fireball. This is somewhat of a problem already since this is a move that requires meter.

Overusing such a move will make it more difficult for Ryu to close out games if there's no meter to spend on other moves, such as his Critical Art.

"I know I can't help but think 'why don't I just use Guile then?'"
— Daigo Umehara

Still, Ryu, in Daigo's eyes, is a character that doesn't have too much issue with building meter as he is constantly throwing fireballs. However, this means that Ryu's strengths really shine when fighting a match up where fireballs are effective.

Daigo recalls that stand light punch and crouching light punch were really good moves for Ryu in Season 2. This along with Ryu's standing light kick means that Ryu's defensive capabilities are overall pretty good.

Crouching light punch into an EX Hurricane Kick is pointed out to be very strong. This is a damaging combo that confirms from a four-frame normal.

Notably, Ryu is a fighter that is relegated to defensive play in a game that is often seen as being very rewarding towards aggressiveness. It is stated that Ryu is the type of character that shouldn't throw normals out as his reach is short. Fireballs are the preferred strategy.

"I feel like I can do something with Ryu. Isn't there something for him?"
— Daigo Umehara

Similarities to Guile are pointed out. In one instance, Daigo ponders why he should use Ryu over Guile. "Why don't I just use Guile then," questioned Daigo.

Since the Street Fighter League allows the opposing team to ban a character, Daigo is preparing for a situation where he is not permitted to choose Guile.

"I feel like I can do something with Ryu," continued Daigo. "Isn't there something for him?"

Unfortunately, it's at this moment where the video ends. Just based on this, it doesn't sound like Daigo was able to come up with a reason to play Ryu over Guile aside from the character ban situation.

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