Yoshinori Ono tells the origin story of his Blanka toy that came from a burger place in the Philippines revealing he wasn't a fan of the green fighter

Street Fighter producer tells the story of how his adventures with Blanka began

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Yoshinori Ono has become forever tied to Street Fighter's Blanka because he seemingly takes pictures with a toy of the character wherever he goes, and he's finally revealed the full story as to the origins of strange companion.

During the Street Fighter panel over at Anime Expo this week, the Street Fighter producer told the audience about his decade long relationship with the toy and how he's starting to run out of them.

"So I hear this a lot from you guys like 'oh wow Ono-san you must really love Blanka,' but I'm really not all that into him," said Ono when prompted with the question about why he carries Blanka around with him everywhere he travels to.

Capcom's longtime producer goes on to explain that it's not just one toy he brings around with him, but he's gone through many of them over the years.

"About 10 years ago one morning I woke up, went to work and in front of my desk there was a giant bag or mountain of these toys," said Ono via his translator. "So I called the licensing team and was like hey why are there so many Blanka toys on my desk. "

The licensing team responded according to Ono that they got the Blanka toys from a Burger place in the Philippines from Jollibee kids meals, and for some reason, they decided to bestow the gift of many Blankas upon Ono around the time Street Fighter 4 was in development.

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"I was like 'what am I going to do with all of this but then I was like oh maybe I'll just use them as an icon,'" said Ono at the panel, and the rest was history... sort of.

Apparently Ono has started to run low on his supply on Blanka toys after almost a decade stating that he would leave them in the front pocket of airplane seats during flights though he does not specify whether he put them there on purpose or forgot about them.

"I have one request for you because right now I only have three of these left," Ono told the crowd. "Whenever you guys fly just pay attention to the front pocket [of your seats] because that's usually where I leave them. If you see them, please send them back to the Capcom USA office."

This was the same panel where Ono also revealed that he really wanted to put R. Mika into Street Fighter 4 though the game's battle director ultimately shot him down.

You can check out the full origin story of the small Blanka toys in the video below directly from Ono himself.

Image sources: Anime Expo, Yoshinori Ono and Street Fighter Wiki.

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