Someone is driving around in an awesome Killer Instinct-themed car right now

Twitter user spots it out in the wild

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • July 3, 2019 at 7:03 a.m. PDT | Comments: 21

There are those who love certain fighting games and those who love certain fighting games. What we have here is very likely the work of someone in the latter category.

Twitter user mewmewalamode shared a couple of photos on Twitter this week of a parked car decked out with the Killer Instinct (2013) logo, as well as the franchise's classic robot combatant, Fulgore.

"Hey @maximilian_ check out this car my cousin and I found outside the theater to see Spiderman," the Twitter user wrote, tagging prominent video game content creator and avid Killer instinct fan Maximilian Dood.

From what we see in the photos, the custom paint job lines the sides of the vehicle and the hood. The front features the KI logo with lightning bolts emanating from the background, while the sides don the same, but with Fulgore also standing there.

We're not entirely sure where this car resides or who the driver is, but another Twitter user also spotted the KI-mobile a few months back and provided a photo too.

It's worth mentioning that this car doesn't appear to be exclusive to a convention or show as it was spotted parked in a parking lot — likely where the movie theater was at — and is likely owned by a hardcore fan who makes regular use of it.

Even the official Killer Instinct Twitter account took notice of the photos, saying "THAT’S MY CAR! Well, it’s not... but I wish it was."

Killer Instinct car spotted in the wild image #1 Killer Instinct car spotted in the wild image #2
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