Yoshitora's jumping heavy slash may be the hardest attack to block in Samurai Shodown thanks to its multi-hit cross up ability hitting both sides

Might just want to avoid blocking it at all

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • July 2, 2019 at 9:20 a.m. PDT

Yoshitora stands out among the cast of Samurai Shodown considering he always carries around seven blades on his back which allow him to do a variety of multi-hitting moves that can prove hard to punish or block if you don't know what's up.

His jumping heavy slash can prove to be especially problematic with its ability to easily combo into big damage on hit and it's apparent cross-up properties that can actually change which side it lands on during each of the trio of slashes.

If you've been paying attention to HiFight's Twitter or YouTube account since Samurai Shodown released, you may have noticed a multitude of clips of his popping up taking advantage of Yoshitora's 'shenanigans.'

In particular, he hit the lab to test out the successor shogun's jumping heavy slash and just how difficult it can be to block correctly when properly spaced.

As shown off in the video below, Yoshitora's first hit of his jumping attack can hit cross up if he's right above his opponent's head which will catch people off guard, but that's not the difficult part. Hit number two of the attack can then land back in front, so you'd need to immediately guard in two different directions with another hit incoming.

The best way to probably get around this simple set up if it's too late to anti-air would probably be to back or forward dash, so you would no longer need to worry about the cross up potential and may get out of its range entirely. If you want to keep blocking it like that, however, have fun.

Once Yoshitora unlocks his seventh sword, he can continuously launch out a giant blade beam of energy which can be difficult to punish on block due to how long it leaves you in block stun though HiFight also posted a clip of how to get around that as well if you can react to it. Using Rage Burst for the brief invincibility frames plus immediately going into Lightning Blade will allow you to effectively punish him from full screen — if you haven't already used it during the match.

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