Which Samurai Shodown super attacks are the best? Maximilian rates each of the new title's Super Specials and Finishers

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • July 2, 2019 at 5:04 p.m. PDT

Given how beautiful of a game the new Samurai Shodown is, we're especially excited to see what interesting and imaginative ways developers chose to go when designing the game's more elaborate, cut scene super attacks.

If you already own SamSho then there's a good chance you may have already rifled through the cast to see their deadliest attacks, but have you given a rating to each of them yet? If not, Maximilian has you covered in his latest edition of Rate the Super.

Max goes through each fighters' Super Special Attack and Finisher, giving a score of 1-10 to all of them. SamSho's current roster offers a fairly good variety of style, and some of these hard-hitting sequences do an especially good job of tying into characters' themes and personalities.

Some of these are not as extravagant as others, and we find that the less predictable ones seem to resonate a little bit more than those of a more straightforward nature.

We'll get you started with one of our personal favorites from Wu-Ruixiang, who doesn't seem to be all that into actually putting the hurt on her opponents. During her hardest-hitting attack, she actually appears to clumsily set the events in motion, and ultimately feel bad for almost certainly killing her foe.

It's in this particular characterization (as well as the strong execution of a badass action sequence) that makes Wu's attack stand out. Be sure to keep one eye on Max for his wordless reaction during this particularly unique offensive sequence:

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