Dead or Alive 6's director aimed to avoid some of the controversy that surrounded Street Fighter 5 during its launch; tag mode left out for now

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • January 28, 2019 at 4:07 p.m. PST

Dead or Alive 6 is just over a month away from its projected release date of March 1, and we're still learning more about the upcoming fighting game's features, characters and more before players get their hands on the full package.

Outlets like Gamespot and Gematsu have recently had the opportunity to sit down with DOA6's director and producer, Yohei Shimbori, to pick his brain on a number of subjects regarding the game and its contents — whether they be in regards to modes, features or sexuality.

Speaking to Gamespot, Shimbori says that Team Ninja made sure to include a story mode at launch for Dead or Alive 6 to avoid some of the controversy that Capcom faced for their decisions for Street Fighter 5's release.

"Some play [fighting games] for the story; some play [them] for eSports," said Shimbori via Gamespot. "We saw that when Street Fighter 5 came out, it didn't have a story mode, and there was a lot of controversy around that. Once we saw that, we knew that people really wanted a story mode in their fighting games."

Street Fighter 5 famously or infamously shipped in February 2016 with its illustrated character stories in the game, but players had to wait until June of that year to get their hands on the actual cinematic story expansion 'A Shadow Falls.' This left many fans confused and / or unhappy with the state in which the game launched without the promised story or an Arcade Mode — which didn't come until 2018.

More cinematic and in-depth approaches to stories in fighting games have been around for many years though it wasn't until 2011's Mortal Kombat 9 where they'd gain more mainstream attention and set the bar for the genre going forward.

The director states that their choice for characters in Dead or Alive 6 were actually shaped more by the story than by actual popularity leading to the return of old antagonists like Raidou.

"The character roster was selected based on where we were going with the story and narrative, rather than the popularity of the characters," said Shimbori via Gematsu. "So I'd like to remind everyone that Rachel and Momiji are characters from Ninja Gaiden which, although from the same company, are from a different franchise."

Tag modes where players can control multiple characters during a match or fight alongside their friends are popular in a number of different fighting game franchises including Dead or Alive, but it appears as though we won't get the chance to use it in the upcoming game anytime soon.

"I'm a huge fan of Tag Mode, and I'm sorry to say that it's not included in this game," said Shimbori. "The reason behind this, however, is because we ran out of memory on the game itself. And that's due to the graphical improvements, which consumes a lot of the memory of the game data itself."

Although the game will be lacking said Tag Mode, a free to play version of Dead or Alive 6 is almost assuredly on the way with Shimbori telling Kayane that his team would dig into it more once the PC version is finished.

Many were also worried that Sony's decision to crack down on sexuality in games would force Team Ninja to censor the game on PlayStation 4, but the director assures everyone that isn't the case and that every version will feature the same content.

Footage source: Quest GamingTV.
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