Balrog's Guts Man Extra Battles start on February 15th in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • January 25, 2019 at 8:29 a.m. PST | Comments: 67

It has been revealed that Balrog will be able to gain access to a Guts Man costume from the Mega Man series. Like many other crossover costumes, these will have to be earned through the Extra Battle mode.

The first battle will become available starting on February 15th. This means that those that collect all four gems will be able to acquire the costume starting on March 8th.

Guts Man served as one of the bosses of the very first Mega Man title. Like Mega Man, Roll, and Proto Man, Guts Man was built by Dr. Light.

Although Dr. Wily repurposed the robot to serve his evil ambitions, Guts Man was originally intended to be a construction machine. Upon being defeated by Mega Man, he gained the ability to pick up large boulders — square shaped — and toss them at foes.

Oddly, Dr. Wily keeps paying homage to Guts Man in later titles. This, despite the fact that Dr. Wily would eventually build his own Robot Masters in future confrontations against Mega Man.

Remember that each Extra Battle attempt will require 2,500 Fight Money. You must defeat Balrog in the Guts Man costume to acquire each gem necessary to complete the set.

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