'I'm kind of just making content... at the end of the day I'm a content creator first' — ZeRo on balancing being a top player and personality

The world renowned player also talks about what Diddy Kong would need in Ultimate's environment to be competitive again

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • February 10, 2019 at 2:57 p.m. PST

Not too long ago, I had the opportunity to ask Gonzalo "Tempo|ZeRo" Barrios some questions regarding his career involving the Super Smash Bros. series.

This is the second part of the interview with him. You should probably check out the first part of the interview if you haven't already.

Earlier, ZeRo mentioned that his goal with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was to simply win one EVO or super major. It appears that ZeRo actually doesn't care about rankings or achieving the title of "the best" for the game.

I also took the opportunity to ask ZeRo about the status of Diddy Kong in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, what changes he'd like to see for the game, support from Nintendo, and his content creation.

When asked about how he is balancing being a competitor and a content creator, ZeRo emphasized that he is a content creator first going forward. This definitely falls in line with him not caring about achieving a great ranking throughout Ultimate's lifespan.

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AdaptiveTrigger: You recently released a video explaining your thoughts on Diddy Kong in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate which indicated that you didn’t want to play the character.

Despite this, you did pull him out at the Smash Conference. Have you changed any of your opinions since that video?

ZeRo: I used him mainly because I had no secondary ready for the event. Diddy is a character I no longer play anymore.

AdaptiveTrigger: Given the power to implement one change to Diddy Kong, what would you do?

ZeRo: EVERYTHING. Well, he just needs to do more damage or more knockback — one of the two.

But most importantly, bananas need to come out of shield much, much faster. He can’t punish anything right now.

AdaptiveTrigger: You’ve been a big advocate for Super Smash Bros. Melee's mechanics. What would you want implemented into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate from Melee?

ZeRo: I just want wavedashing. Really love that mechanic. Allows for so much creativity.

AdaptiveTrigger: What would you say are Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s weak points? The input lag and buffering system?

Editor's note: This interview took place before patch 2.0.0 and Nintendo's release of the patch notes pertaining to that update.

ZeRo: Input lag sucks, online could be better, Nintendo could be more transparent with patches and their competitive vision.

AdaptiveTrigger: We’re seeing a number of Super Smash Bros. Melee players giving Ultimate a chance. What do you think about the meshing of the two communities?

ZeRo: I think it’s amazing to see it. It grows the community and it drives more numbers.

More people care and tune in. It's amazing and I'm all for it.

AdaptiveTrigger: Do you think players coming from Smash 4 have an advantage over Melee players? If so, how long do you think it will take for Melee players to close the gap if they put time into the game?

ZeRo: I actually think they do in terms of match ups as they know the newer characters better, but the game rewards Melee smarts more I'd say. With aggression and shields being worse than just attacking. So it's kind of a trade off.

AdaptiveTrigger: In 2018, you announced both your retirement and return to the Super Smash Bros. tournament scene. How were you feeling back then with the retirement?

What inspired you to compete again? Do things feel "refreshed" after your break?

ZeRo: I really just wanted to grow my stream and YouTube channel. Almost reached 20K subscribers on Twitch, was in the top 3 most watched streams on all of Twitch in December, and currently at 600K subscribers on YouTube. We’re making moves!

I just think Ultimate is gonna be a big deal. Not a bad move to attend here and there.

AdaptiveTrigger: How often do you think Nintendo should patch Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? What should be their main focus?

ZeRo: I think their focus should be to keep the game fun above all things. Sometimes things can be not the most balanced, but still very fun.

Fun creates longevity for fans to enjoy it. How often? Up to them, really.

Patches are content for me so I can't complain.

AdaptiveTrigger: What kind of support do you think Nintendo should provide for the Super Smash Bros. tournament scene?

Editor's note: This interview took place before Nintendo's announcement of the North America Open and The European Smash Ball Team Cup. Having said that, I highly doubt these events have had a great impact on ZeRo's thoughts.

ZeRo: They'll never go the money route you see with these other companies. They then need to provide social media support and opportunities for players to grow their brands.

Social media coverage, interviews, stream or video opportunities I think is where the play resides. They also are sponsoring grassroots tournaments, which is also the correct play since it supports the backbone of the community.

AdaptiveTrigger: Since Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s release, you’ve put a noticeably extra amount of effort into content creation with your Twitch and YouTube channels. How are you balancing being a content creator and a top level tournament player?

ZeRo: I DON'T. I'm kind of just making content right now. Slowly trying to find a balance, but at the end of the day I'm a content creator first.

AdaptiveTrigger: Any shout outs you’d like to make? Where can our readers find more of you?

ZeRo: As always, shout outs to the lovely #ScarfArmy and #TeamZeRo for being super supportive. Tempo Storm for being literally the best team a personality like me could ask for, and Red Bull for always providing me wings to keep chasing my dreams (and the bag, here and there, haha).

Please make sure to check me out on Twitter for all updates with my content and all things Smash Ultimate, Twitch for daily streams and YouTube (ZeRoWondering) for guides and funny content. Thank you.

A special thanks goes out to ZeRo for taking the time out of his day to speak with me.

Photo source: Tempo Storm.

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