Down to his last character with no sparking versus a full team, HookGangGod didn't need Piccolo for this epic Dragon Ball FighterZ comeback

With only nine seconds to spare

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • January 19, 2019 at 8:46 a.m. PST

Frosty Faustings XI is currently underway with its second and last day, but the finals for Dragon Ball FighterZ and other titles went down last night to give us some excitement before Red Bull Final Summoning next weekend where Jiren is likely coming to crash the party.

Most of the strongest Dragon Ball players in North America were in attendance for one of the first majors of 2019 including NRG|HookGangGod and PG|Nakkiel, who ended up having a great winners finals set with one of the clutchest of combebacks we've seen in the game going into its second year.

Nakkiel came out strong in the first game landing a touch of death on his opponent with some great set up by Adult Gohan and Yamcha though the first two games of the set would end in HGG's favor. HookGangGod is most well-known for sticking with Piccolo as his main fighter through thick and thin, but it would actually be Vegeta who would save the player's tail in his and Nakkiel's third and final game.

Game three appeared to be a turning point, however, as Nakkiel quickly disposed of Bardock and Piccolo leaving HookGangGod with only Vegeta at half health remaining and no sparking. Backed into a corner HookGangGod sprang back to life to take down Gohan and Gotenks with impeccable punishes and reads.

This left just Vegeta and Yamcha on screen, and though HGG's defense was on point with Vegeta, he ended up getting opened up with a combo. Nakkiel didn't have enough meter to finish the prince off, so he survived with the smallest sliver of health.

HGG's heavy launches were also completely on point during the last game including a dash up attack to punish the neutral jump at the last second to seal the game with a final Final Flash while only nine seconds remained on the clock.

HookGangGod would take the set 3-0 though he would — tournament spoilers — ultimately defeat EG|NYChrisG in grand finals to take it all after he too defeated Nakkiel. You can check out Nakkiel's tournament touch of death in the first clip below courtesy of HiFight followed by HookGangGod's epic comeback, but be warned there is NSFW language featured in the videos.

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