Tired of getting caught by random hits in Street Fighter 5's neutral? Alex Myers' new tutorial will help a lot

A strong walk and block game unlocks other aspects of your game to grow

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • January 20, 2019 at 10:04 a.m. PST

Street Fighter 5 is a very unforgiving game as just one slip up or unfortunate interaction can be all it takes to send you down the path being KO'd. All of us are inevitably going to find ourselves on said path from time to time, but minimizing these experiences will very quickly and obviously lead to more wins.

Enter Tempo|Alex Myers and one of his latest videos wherein he teaches the finer points of the simple, yet very important, art of walking and blocking.

After you learn the basics of this lesson, you'll immediately find that you're getting tagged by normals with less frequency. Once this happens you can then begin to move on to the second part of the process, which involves observing your opponents' neutral habits with intent.

A strong walk and block game unlocks the potential for other aspects of your game to grow. Once you're relatively comfortable being within your foe's attack ranges, you'll be able to take note of the when, where and what of their attack patterns.

If you're able to download this information, you'll be next to unbeatable unless your opponent makes a quick change in their approach. Obviously, many opponents will not be able to do this in just a round or two, hence why this tech is so powerful.

This idea applies across most fighting games, though the particulars of footsies and frame data certainly alter the importance and gravity of such concepts as walking and blocking from title to title.

You can check out Myers' live stream for more from the pro player. Photo credit: Chris Bahn.

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