Birdie very high, Kage super low and 'it's like Rashid took Cammy's spot' - Vesper Arcade shares his early tier list for Street Fighter 5 Season 4

Bison fails to make top three

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • January 17, 2019 at 8:44 a.m. PST

We've yet to see any competitive play from the Capcom Pro Tour yet, but the Street Fighter 5 community has been intensely investigating the game's updated balance for Season 4 for a full month now.

As such, we're starting to form early ideas of what the tier list might look like for 2019, and Vesper Arcade is ready to offer up his.

Right from the get go Vesper acknowledges that we don't have all the data and that this list will likely change in coming months. That said, he does have some pretty thoughtful explanations as to why M. Bison, for instance, didn't quite make the top three, and why Birdie is much higher than most would think.

We also get a good amount of commentary on Abigail, perhaps the most nerfed character from Seasons three to four. He finds himself in the largest tier group, but it isn't in the top 15.

Unfortunately for newcomer Kage, extremely weak neutral and low health offset his powerful damage and mix ups to the point that he's one of the absolute worst characters in the game according to the prominent FGC streamer.

You'll catch the video with details and specific breakdowns after the jump, but those that don't want to wait can check out the image here to see Vesper's list in full:

Vesper Tiers image #1
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