One change you should know for every character in Season 4 of Street Fighter 5 — part two

Bison got a buff he didn't need, Vega got buffs that don't really help and you had better look out for Zangief and Kolin

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • January 16, 2019 at 7:32 p.m. PST

The second half of the Street Fighter 5 cast is under the microscope today as we reveal the findings of our Season 4 research for characters Karin-Zeku.

Just as with last week, Steven "Dreamking" Chavez joins Catalyst and I to offer at least one (we almost always have more) significant change for each character under the game's new balance.

Things are looking especially good for Zangief these days as he's gained some pretty great tools in his neutral, damage and okizeme. The same cannot be said for Vega, however, as it seems that Capcom has given him some buffs that are nice, but won't likely move him up the tier charts.

You've likely heard that M. Bison is a candidate for top competitor in the game right now, and we really don't disagree. Catalyst explains why the evil dictator will be even more of a headache than in years past.

Ryu and Sagat both became better zoners, but were their improvements enough to bump them up to the next tier brackets? You'll have to listen to hear what we think.

Of course, if you haven't already heard part one, you should probably do that at some point as well. There we cover the first half of the cast up to Juri.


01:14 - Quick Kage thoughts
06:34 - Karin
13:09 - Ken
23:31 - Kolin
30:18 - Laura
37:15 - M. Bison
41:59 - Menat
50:30 - Nash
55:27 - Rashid
1:06:02 - Ryu
1:15:33 - Sagat
1:23:19 - Sakura
1:31:11 - Urien
1:34:59 - Vega
1:42:48 - Zangief
1:50:01 - Zeku

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