Ken can essentially do a touch of death combo against Abigail for over 900 damage thanks to a special property of his V-Trigger

Big damage for big boys

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • January 16, 2019 at 9:50 a.m. PST

Abigail has the highest amount of health in Street Fighter 5 though he was better known as the fighter that could make opponents' health evaporate in 500 damage chunks or more — that shoe is on the other foot now it seems, however.

A Street Fighter player by the name of Mase / Sympothetic recently took to Twitter to show off a combo using Ken that can kill Abigail using only a throw and an extended combo doing over 900 damage thanks to the truck's nerfed stun gauge in Season 4 plus a little trick with his fiery V-Trigger.

Beginning with a back throw in the corner, Mase then backdashes and jumps at Abigail using his enhanced heavy air Tatsumaki. Surprisingly, it hits the massive fighter three times before landing for a quick 300 damage and 450 stun. Following that up with crouching heavy punch into light Shoryuken to heavy Shoryuken leads to the crazy fast stun.

If you rinse and repeat that same sequence with the air Tatsumaki and cancel the second uppercut into Critical Art, Abigail will get KO'd having taken over 930 damage before the screen flashes.

We were not able to replicate the three-hit Tatsumaki — though we could hit two, but Mase says that the set up requires very specific timing and spacing to work properly using backdashes and general manual spacing.

Other tall characters like G, Sagat and Birdie can reportedly be hit twice by the spinning kicks, but this set up is obviously highly situational at best and fairly impractical. It's still interesting to see, however, how Abigail's size can essentially break certain aspects of SF5 and its combo system. You can take a look at Mase's full zero to death clip below.

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