Zelda's Final Smash is incredibly cheap in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and I love it

Don't believe me? This clip from Nairo's recent online tournament might change your mind

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • January 14, 2019 at 7:19 a.m. PST

Final Smashes in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate are a ton of fun to mess around with, but there's good reason why they are not used in standard, competitive tournament play.

These giant attacks are either acquired by one player breaking the evasive Smash Ball item when it appears on screen or when Final Smash meters are enabled in the match options, then subsequently built up by a fighter. When a character uses one of these attacks, they often put a large, flashy move into play that has a lot of power and almost always guarantees a KO on those who are unable to avoid it.

During the recent Ultimate Naifu Battles #2 online tournament ran by top Smash Bros. player NRG|Nairo, we saw Zelda's Final Smash rear its head in one of the cheapest plays I've ever seen in a Smash Bros. game ever.

While you may remember me saying that Final Smashes are not used in competitive tournament play, Nairo's online events often have an added twist to them that is meant to break the mold of standard tournament play — in this case, a handful of items such as Smash Ball, Fake Smash Ball, Black Hole, and a few others were enabled at medium frequency.

In winners semi-finals of the Naifu Battles event, ThatGuy's Inkling went up against Popo's Zelda. At one point in the set, a real Smash Ball appeared on screen, and Popo managed to break it.

The Zelda player initiated the large attack a little to the left of center stage, causing the giant Triforce to appear and begin pulling ThatGuy in. Despite Inkling being all the way over at the right edge of the stage and being a character with excellent mobility, there was no escape...

Zelda's Final Smash not only pulled Inkling underneath the stage, but somehow it was able to rip the character through the physical platform, capture the fighter inside of it, and KO them. The clip below has a bit of language NSFW in it.

Click image to view the clip

Final Smashes in general are designed to be absolutely devastating, and many of them lean toward the cheap / broken side when you look at them from a competitive standpoint — hence why they're not used in tournament.

I had no idea that Zelda's Final Smash was damn near inescapable, and the fact that it can actually pull characters through the stage pushes it over the top. It's cheap as hell and I love it. Based on Nairo's reaction in the clip, I'd say he was equally surprised.

So, if you ever see Zelda armed with a Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, you might want to start planning for the next match...

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