People say CuddleCore's breakout moment was her ELEAGUE win, but that's not the answer she'd give; get to know one of Tekken 7's fastest rising stars

Side steps, chainsaws and some wonderfully creepy art

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • January 11, 2019 at 11:55 a.m. PST

If you ask around the Tekken 7 scene as to what the breakout moment for Jeannail "EQNX|CuddleCore" Carter was you'll probably hear about her team victory at ELEAGUE last year, and while that certainly got a lot of eyes on the Alisa player, she'll tell you it's not the most significant timestamp in her competitive career thus far.

Carter recently granted an interview with Disrupt Gaming FGC wherein she discussed her backstory as a gamer, her experiences in the Tekken scene and what she deems her real breakout moment to be.

Since starting in the competitive world back in 2013, CuddleCore has achieved multiple top eight placings at a handful of major events. These include her aforementioned ELEAGUE first place team finish, a bronze trophy from Kumite in Tennesse, and then fourth place finishes at both Canada Cup and the Tekken World Tour Finals Last Chance Qualifier.

She has also placed 13th at Combo Breaker and 17th at EVO, effectively rounding out her resume to be reckoned with. When she's not traveling or training, Carter is also an avid illustrator with a growing portfolio of very intriguing pieces.

Check out the interview below, where you'll also find a CuddleCore highlights compilation from Bigdaddyjende which features some of Cuddle's best moments at the Tekken World Tour Last Chance Qualifier event.

Here's a quick snippet of domination against fellow Equinox player EQNX|Dimeback. With successive heavy blows, Cuddle lops off huge chunks of life bar, then eventually closes things out with one last hit:

Click image for animated version

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