Onnit's updated line of Street Fighter tees are great at first glance, and even better when you check out the finer details

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • January 11, 2019 at 4:38 p.m. PST

We've seen more than a few clothing brands team up with Capcom to produce Street Fighter-themed threads, not all of which wound up with a final product I'd say I'd wear in public. I'm happy to report that's very much not hte case with the latest collaboration with Onnit.

Premium quality fabric and screen-printed designs make for clothing that's certainly going to be a step up from most of what you'll see in the way of video game shirts.

I think my favorite thing about these designs is their subtlety. By that I mean it's clear when you spend the time to look that these are video game shirts, but the presentation is tastefully low key and therefore works in a more casual manner.

What's more, there are still little nerdy details that somewhat hidden in plain site. You'll notice the arcade cabinet outline on the back of the Sagat tee, and the various symbols included on each shirts' sleeve.

The $35 price tag isn't exactly cheap when you're talking about tee shirts, but considering the quality and wear-ability here I'd say they're worth grabbing. While perusing the main the site I noticed the Ryu shirt is currently sold out in all sizes, if that tells you anything.

The gallery here showcases six of the available 12 shirts from Onnit. You can view more in the also tastefully-made advertisement video included after the jump.

Onnit Clothes image #1 Onnit Clothes image #2 Onnit Clothes image #3 Onnit Clothes image #4 Onnit Clothes image #5 Onnit Clothes image #6
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