Sagat's fireball game just got a lot scarier, Zaferino shows how The King can Tiger Uppercut opponents simply for trading projectiles

Beware the kara Uppercut

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • January 12, 2019 at 9:13 a.m. PST

Expectations were high for Sagat when he finally made it into Street Fighter 5 last August, and though The King certainly had some satisfying game play, he just didn't seem to live up to expectations in terms of viability.

The muay thai master received a good handful of buffs in this latest Season, but we've yet to see much of the competitive implications of these upgrades. Zaferino is starting to fix that.

Zaf is a traveling competitor who has also taken on the role of Street Fighter teacher with regular streams and instructional videos to help anyone and everyone willing to put in the time to listen.

One of Zaferino's recent findings showcases how Sagat's fireball game has gotten even stronger, thanks to the slowed movement speed of his light High Tiger Shot combined with faster start up of his kara Tiger Uppercut allow him to rip a DP on anyone who trades projectiles from too close (keep in mind that many characters' hurt boxes become larger during projectile animations).

Fighters like Guile, who have quicker fireball recovery speeds, can still be nabbed by EX Tiger Uppercuts, making this some very formidable tech for Sagat. Zaf points out that this was indeed possible in Season 3.5, but considerably more difficult given the slower properties of the attacks in play.

Check out the sequence in action right here, and then be sure to follow Zaferino on Twitter, Twitch and YouTube for lessons on footsies, training, match ups and plenty more. Here's the Sagat tech in action:

Click image for animated version

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