Tokido, Gachikun and Mago come together to make their Street Fighter 5 Season 4 tier list with Birdie at the top and G all the way at the bottom

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • January 9, 2019 at 9:17 a.m. PST

Topanga may run one of, if not the biggest Street Fighter league in Japan, but the channel also produces other fighting game content outside of their big competitions with near weekly live streams featuring the best players in the country.

This week's Topanga live stream had FOX|Tokido, recent Capcom Cup champion RB|Gachikun and Mago on as guests where they briefly discussed the end of the 2018 Pro Tour and Kage before jumping into the group activity of making their own tier list for Street Fighter 5 Season 4.

Mago largely took charge in the project while Tokido and Gachikun offered their thoughts from the couch, and their final results may be a bit of a surprise to many players in the West with some of the character placements.

On top of the top players' tier list sat Birdie, who Japanese players have generally considered strong for a long time with the top ranked online player Trashbox using him, though their other choices among the highest tier are a bit harder to argue against with fighters like Akuma, Rashid and M. Bison.

G bounced around between a few places on their list before sliding all the way to the very bottom likely due to his lack of defensive options despite other players voicing their surprise that the president would be that low in the standings. Cody and Kage's names are actually below G's on the list, but the players weren't actually sure where to place them yet and decided to leave them unranked.

We've translated the full Street Fighter tier list which you can take a look in the image below or after the jump, and you can check out the full Topanga stream on OpenRec where Tokido, Gachikun and Mago would later go on to share some tech and play online matches together.

Tokido, Gachikun and Mago's Season 4 Street Fighter 5 tier list image #1
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Tokido, Gachikun and Mago's ordered Street Fighter 5 Season 4 tier list

Birdie, Akuma, Ibuki, Rashid, M. Bison (Dictator)

Zangief, Cammy

Zeku, Karin, Urien, Necalli, Abigail
Menat, Kolin, R. Mika, Guile, Ken

Sagat, Juri, Balrog (Boxer), Sakura
Falke, Dhalsim, Chun-Li, F.A.N.G

Nash, Ryu, Alex, Blanka
Vega (Claw), Ed, Laura, G

Unsure: Cody, Kage

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