Wait, Goku's voice actor is already in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a Pokémon? Here's all of the talent behind the title's massive roster

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Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • January 8, 2019 at 7:18 a.m. PST | Comments: 9

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has an absolutely massive roster of 74 playable characters currently which means that the game also features a just as high of a level of voice talent for the fighters from many different franchises as well as the Assist Trophies and any other characters in the game.

YouTube content creator TeddyKGaming recently uploaded a video to their channel going over every English and Japanese voice actor used for the playable characters in Smash Ultimate, so we can pull back the curtain a bit and see what the actual people behind the fighters look like — plus also see if we recognize them from other roles.

Some characters feature both English and Japanese voice actors in the game including Marth for the first time, Fox, Falco, Jigglypuff, Chrom, Sonic, Wolf and Pokémon Trainer among others though the Wii Fit Trainers actually have three for the male and female counterparts with Japanese, American English and British English.

Ryu and Ken are obviously in the game themselves as fighters, but other familiar Street Fighter voices can also be found in Ultimate. Chun-Li's English voice actor from Street Fighter 4 and 5, Laura Bailey, also appears in Ultimate as Lucina from Fire Emblem: Awakening along with Fel Long's English voice in Matthew Mercer as Chrom.

There are also characters in the game that technically don't have voice actors due to only 'speaking' in sound effects or animal noises like Bowser, Donkey Kong, King K. Rool, Samus, Ridley, Dark Samus, Mr. Game & Watch, Diddy Kong, Olimar — though the Pikmin actually do, R.O.B, Villager, Mega Man and Pac-Man.

Dragon Ball's Goku has long been a requested character to appear in Super Smash Bros. both jokingly and seriously, but his English voice actor in Sean Schemmel already appears in the series and Ultimate as the Pokémon Lucario.

You'd also likely never guess it, but King Dedede's voice is actually that of the fighting title series' director and Kirby's creator Masahiro Sakurai though it's obviously undergone some heavy modulation. You can check out TeddyKGaming's full video after the jump to see the actors behind every fighter in Smash Ultimate.

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