Nearly 50 seconds of nail-biting neutral, point-blank parries, devastating Dragon Punches and more; Cooperation Cup highlights

Don't forget about the foreground table of doom...

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • January 7, 2019 at 3:16 p.m. PST | Comments: 6

As per the usual, Cooperation Cup 17 was filled with edge of your seat action as the strongest Third Strike players in the world came together for an incredible event.

With over 100 teams of five in attendance, there was no shortage of jaw dropping sequences including ridiculous reads, perfect parries and confirms amidst the most anxious of moments.

Faithful fighting game fan HiFight nabbed a few of his favorite moments from the latter part of Coop Cup, and we've rounded them all up to share with you now.

We have a few individual highlights and then a compilation YouTube video that specifically showcases Tominaga's Makoto.

We kick things off with over 40 seconds of nail-biting neutral play... which is little more than "casual Tuesday" status when you're talking about a top player Chun-Li Third Strike mirror match.

You'll notice the infamous foreground table coming into play here as it adds yet another obstacle incredibly intricate process of trying to find that perfect synthesis of timing and positioning:

Click image for animated version

Check out this stellar play from Nuki's Chun as he's seemingly ready to parry everything from jump-ins to in-your-face fireballs:

Here we see Match's Akuma on display against Nuki (those first two highlights gave you a pretty good idea of just how amazing a player Nuki is) as he picks his foe apart and only loses a little over half a life bar in the span of two rounds:

Lest we get too excited about Match's top level Akuma plays, here's DeshikenKFG putting him in his place with some out of this world space control:

Deshiken was also part of the final match of the event. Here's how he closed it all out for his team:

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