When you pop off too hard and fall off of the stage: Valhalla 2 highlights for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Beware the waft... even at 22%

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • January 6, 2019 at 5:29 p.m. PST | Comments: 4

Valhalla 2 wrapped up earlier today. This was one of the first major Super Smash Bros. Ultimate events in Europe.

As a result, the tournament attracted a number of big names to the scene. Competitors like TSM|Leffen, Cyve, myR|Light, orKsGP|Glutonny, BSD|Izaw, and many more were gunning for first place.

Many players are already demonstrating amazing skill despite how young Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's meta is. There were plenty of intense moments throughout the event.

As a result, we've got a batch of highlights to talk about.

Let's start things off with Light's comeback from near death in his winners set against Glutonny with the well timed dodge into forward smash causing the Palutena main to pop off by jumping around and falling off the stage.

Ironically, he was able to keep himself on the stage within the game but couldn't do so in real life. Light also took out the light on the stage by doing this.

Click images for animated versions with footage courtesy of Beefy Smash Dudes

Cyve is not able to take his set over Glutonny, but he is able to get a stylish spike against Wario using his Inkling.

You always want to be mindful of Ridley's dunking potential when he's trying to get back to the stage...

Cyve nails the game winning hit against Gluttony while basically blind as both characters were off the screen.

Gluttony uses Meru's turnip against him in a flashy combo. In the end, Gluttony won with a well placed Wario waft.

A bold play for Gluttony pays off as he takes out Light's Palutena with Wario's forward aerial.

Hanging on by a thread, Gluttony keeps his composure, stays patient, and then nails Light with Wario's gigantic head.

Unfortunately for Light, landing with Palutena's neutral air without connecting with the final hitbox is unsafe on hit. Gluttony took advantage of this moment and finished him with a waft.

If you get hit by Wario's up tilt while his waft is charged, you're probably going to lose a stock...

Wario's improved combo options are on full display thanks to Gluttony.

Wasn't aware that Ridley's up special could spike if it's angled down until Vreyvus demonstrated it in this game:

Wario's combo took Ridley's stock at 22%.

Gluttony just couldn't be stopped. He ended up winning the entire event.

Contributions to this story were made by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills.

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