Thought that Abigail was killed off after the finale of Street Fighter 5 Season 3? The Cool Kid93 shows off how V-Trigger 2 may resurrect him

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • January 3, 2019 at 11:50 a.m. PST

Abigail was generally seen as one of the strongest initial characters in Street Fighter 5 Season 3 which led him and other characters like Rashid to get hit with the nerf hammer a bit in the Season 3.5 patch.

The character still went on to have a great year after the initial nerfs thanks in large part to his V-Trigger 1 which allowed him a great comeback factor with unblockable setups culminating in DNG|Itabashi Zangief's second place finish at Capcom Cup 2018 a few weeks ago.

Before the event had even finished, however, Abigail had his tools and damage hit once again in Season 4 with his first trigger getting changed to a three-bar activation plus less uses, but The Cool Kid93 thinks that this doesn't mean the big boy is even close to dead yet.

The EVO 2018 finalist and Abigail fan recently uploaded a video showing off what the human monster truck is capable of using his V-Trigger 2 instead, and the results are almost as scary as Season 3 if not more in some instances.

Abigail's V-Trigger 2 is also a three-bar activation that allows him to rush forward headlong up to three times with tons of armor and guard crushing capabilities. Cool Kid first shows off that Abby's charge can be connected after most of his long reaching pokes, so he can get a quick 200+ damage off of a single confirmed hit — plus it can leave him closer to the opponent.

Hybrid Charge can also be used after a decent amount of his combos and those that end with Abigail punch for easy 400+ damage in the corner or 350 mid-screen without using any EX meter. The max damage Cool Kid is able to pull off using V-Trigger 2 is 748 in a combo that starts with stun and ends in Critical Art.

We'll likely need to wait a bit longer to see just how viable Abigail is with V-Trigger 2 in a competitive setting, but at the moment he's looking almost as scary as he was last year. You can check out The Cool Kid93's full video after the jump along with a clip of his damage in action below.

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