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More Tekken stuff is being worked on that Bandai Namco is looking forward to announce — does this mean a Season 3 for Tekken 7?

Continuous strong sales for the title certainly suggest we could see more DLC support moving forward

Posted by Nicholas 'MajinTenshinhan' Taylor • February 20, 2019 at 6:04 p.m. PST • Comments: 35

The announcement at EVO 2018 of Tekken 7 receiving new DLC characters, as well as the reveal of who three of them were — the much-requested veterans Anna Williams and Lei Wulong, alongside extreme surprise guest character Negan from The Walking Dead, was met with amazing fanfare.

A few months later, we got to see who the rest would be at the Tekken World Tour Finals, when we were treated to the brand new designs and trailers for Craig Marduk and Armor King, as well as a brief glimpse at Julia Chang.

Finally, at EVO Japan last week, we got the full skimmy on Julia as well as Negan, and the reveal that they'll be out by the end of this month.

After showing us these trailers at the latest event, Season 2 was officially wrapped up, but we got some promising words from Tekken series producer Katsuhiro Harada.

As translated by game designer and constant companion to Harada at big announcements Michael Murray, the official word regarding Tekken moving forward was this:

That completes the DLC Season Pass for this season, but we're not finished with Tekken as a whole, we plan to have a whole lot of cool other stuff coming up that we're looking forward to announce.

This was obviously welcome news to anyone who's a big fan of the game, and while they didn't outright say "Season 3", that's definitely where the mind wanders. So what exactly supports this being a Season 3, and if we're getting a Season 3, what seems likely to add?

Tekken 7's success leading to continued support

The original sales goals for Tekken 7 within its first year was 2 million copies, which it passed ahead of schedule with ease.

Since then, it's kept strong numbers, with the most recent figures from Bandai Namco putting it at 3.6 million copies sold, meaning it has smashed expectations for the company.

Of course, these strong sales are likely why we got a Season 2 to begin with — within the first year of its release, we got two surprising and much-hyped guest characters in SNK's Geese Howard and Square-Enix's Noctis Lucis Caelum.

The second season was only announced about half a year ago, and we're already just a week away from having all six characters playable in the game, meaning that Bandai Namco have definitely been diverting considerable resources to developing post-launch content for Tekken 7 because of its success.

However, something else that's highly notable is that not only are Bandai Namco pushing Tekken 7 very hard as fans embrace it, but they are doing the same with other fighting game titles as well.

Dragon Ball FighterZ was a smash success for the company, with the latest statement from back in October 2018 saying the game had sold 3.5 million copies at that time. As for Soul Calibur 6, we haven't gotten concrete numbers, but Bandai Namco stated it had a favorable launch, indicating that they are pleased with the numbers it's brought in.

Post launch support for both of these games is also continuing, with Dragon Ball FighterZ having a second season coming, and while Soul Calibur 6 isn't done with its first one yet, we've already seen information indicating that we might see more to come after it's done.

With all this in mind, we can clearly see that Bandai Namco are taking their fighting game properties very seriously, and Tekken 7 is leading the pack. Unless Harada and Murray were talking about a Tekken 8 or Tekken X Street Fighter coming up, it's highly likely that we'll be seeing additional content for Tekken 7 later this year.

Beloved characters still missing

With the high likelihood of a Season 3 coming up for Tekken 7, the natural course of discussion then shifts to "who would they add"? I did a series of articles detailing the Tekken characters that aren't yet in Tekken 7 and have a decent shot of making it before Season 2 came along, and I was almost entirely right on the money for my predictions (I expected Zafina over Marduk, but did have Marduk as an honorable mention alongside Kunimitsu).

The most obvious picks that everyone was looking at are all here now, those being Anna, Lei and Julia, so the playing field for potential additions is a bit more level than it was before Season 2.

Now that we know the format this last season had, assuming they'll keep it the same, I'm going to play the prediction game with a potential five returning characters and one crazy guest to see who might be likely to get in the game. Let's get started right away.


The only brand new character in Tekken 6 to not be part of the Tekken 7 roster, Zafina remains a glaring absence among her peers.

With a very unique playstyle that a lot of players found difficult to use in a game like Tekken, she did have some adamant fans who enjoyed her tricky playstyle that was designed to confuse opponents.

Although she didn't make the launch roster or the initial wave of downloadable content, she seems like a pretty good pick with a fair shot at this point, and being such a new character compared to many others is bound to give her bonus points. A lot of people remember her as a fresh face.

Also, there's really no character that fills her role, or even part of her role, in the game right now, so Zafina fans have little reason to get invested in the game unless she's added.


Wang is one of the oldest character in Tekken (no, that's not an age joke), having originated in the very first game as an old friend of Jinpachi Mishima, Heihachi's father, and trains Lee Chaolan to take down the Mishima Zaibatsu.

As such, he has connections with a lot of characters in the game, and he's obviously a nostalgic pick that anyone who's played Tekken is likely to remember given his longevity in the franchise.

They're tried killing him off in story endings quite a few times, but he somehow ends up coming back every time anyway, so what's another revival gonna hurt, huh?


From E. Honda's absence in Street Fighter 5, Hinako not being in the newer King of Fighters games and Taka-Arashi's entire franchise not getting any new games for over 10 years, an increasingly obvious fact is that the fine art of Sumo is being massively disrespected in fighting games as of late.

Because of this, I want to see Harada lead the charge by bringing Ganryu back into the fold and restarting a proper renaissance of Sumo fighters by bringing back the classic Tekken fighter Ganryu — a character Harada has claimed is his favorite Tekken character (which is almost certainly him trolling, but I digress).

While Ganryu might not be an exciting story pick, you'd have to imagine anyone who matters even remotely to the story would already be in the game. So let's bring some more playstyle diversity.

Of course, every character plays differently from one another, but I think Ganryu just on virtue of being a sumo wrestler already brings more to the table than many others who have similar styles to already playable fighters.

Roger/Roger Jr.

Although there were jokes circulating that the reason Roger or Roger Jr. weren't in Tekken 7 was because of PETA or animal rights activists (this wasn't true), the fact still remains that they are nowhere to be seen in the game.

We may already have a boxer in the game in Steve Fox, but he's a bit too human to be any kind of repalcement for Roger and his bouncing shenanigans.

I really can't put it better than one of my friends did when he said that the biggest draw of Tekken when he was a kid was the fact that you "could play as a goddamned kangaroo". Truly, that's as good of a reason as any for Roger (or Jr.) to make their return.


Tekken fans clamored for Kunimitsu's return for years upon years, and when she finally came back in Tekken Tag Tournament 2, it was a huge deal to a lot of people, and Bandai Namco made sure to include her in the opening cinematic as well.

Unfortunately, she did not come back for Tekken 7, and fans are left missing her yet again. She's a pretty creative ninja fighter and despite Master Raven already being a badass ninja who's playable, she fights quite differently from her, and with a lot of new stuff added to her in Tekken Tag Tournament 2, there's so much good work that's already been done on her.

Hopefully Harada and the Tekken team have heard the fans voices, and we won't have to wait over 10 years to see the next appearance of Kunimitsu...

Where can guest characters go from here?

When it comes to guest characters, people were originally shocked at Street Fighter's Akuma joining the fray. Later on, we were treated to another fighting game character when Fatal Fury and King of Fighters evildoer Geese Howard entered the game. At this point, everyone was discussing who the next fighting game character to cross over to Tekken would be.

Then, the rug was pulled out from under us, as Noctis Lucis Caelum from Final Fantasy XV instead became the newest character, with the Tekken team expanding from just fighting games to gaming in general. Discussion began anew, now with the whole gaming landscape open as potential additions.

At this point, they once again played us like a goddamned fiddle by bringing in The Walking Dead's Negan, shattering everyone's expectations, and seemingly opening up the potential guest characters to basically anyone and everyone who's ever appeared in fiction. So, how do you go bigger and greater from that? How will you truly shock people now?

Well, the only thing I can imagine being stranger than fiction is reality... Meaning that the next logical step in my head is adding a character who's simply a real person.

So, in conclusion... When's John Cena?

I definitely think that Season 3 is right around the corner for Tekken 7, but what do you think? If you believe Season 3 will be coming, what are you hoping to see in it? Let us know in the comments.

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