Wild mind games and Arslan_Ash's fantastic losers bracket run: EVO Japan finals highlights for Tekken 7 and BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • February 17, 2019 at 11:23 a.m. PST

EVO Japan gave us the announcements of when we'll be seeing Julia and Negan join Tekken 7's roster plus showed off four new characters for BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, but we also saw quite the competition go down.

Both franchises were once again represented on the EVO mainstage where the best players from around Japan and the whole world came together to show who is the strongest and has the best nerves out there.

Pakistan-native VS|Arslan_Ash made an amazing and potentially historic run through the losers bracket in Tekken 7 taking home the championship with Kazumi while Tsurugi|Tomo/Relo beat back to back team scythes to win his title.

We've collected some of the best highlights from both tournaments' top 8 runs.

Mind games, repeated run-up command grabs, perfect rounds, full life comebacks and more can all be found below plus we also detailed potentially the best sets of this weekend in Guilty Gear's finals.

Let's start things off with Arslan_Ash's huge day coming from the losers side using Kazumi and her Tiger landing a perfect on Jimmy J Tran to go up to match point. That wouldn't stop J Tran from staying alive, however.

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Hide and Alcormakkos met in winners finals with both players using team scythe though Hide seemingly got in his opponent's head by landing three run up command grabs in a row.

Tsurugi|Tomo/Relo took grand finals from losers side in six straight matches by completely dismantling Alcormakkos' team scythe by baiting DP's and making him seemingly afraid to hit a button.

PBE|AK baited WG|Jimmy J Tran perfectly with a flip kick allowing him to get the last push he needed to get a perfect on Bryan to close out their winners semifinals set.

THY|Chikirun looked backed into a corner against Saint's Jack, but Geese helped him pull off a huge counter into a combo to come all the way back.

Arslan_Ash went on to take on Chikirun and his Geese making the slickest of comebacks in game two. Backed into a corner, however, Chikirun would fight his way back to stay alive in the tournament.

The Pakistani Kazumi player swept CherryBerryMango in game five of their set ending in a perfect to send Arslan_Ash to grand finals.

Following the bracket reset sweep in grand finals, AK switched off of Shaheen to Paul trying to interupt Arslan_Ash's momentum, but Kazumi would not be stopped from reaching her title.

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