Danger Time, insanely fast perfects and mix-ups for days: Summit and Chachacha had the best sets at EVO Japan in Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • February 17, 2019 at 8:41 a.m. PST

EVO Japan 2019 has now wrapped up its second year, and while Guilty Gear didn't get any new announcements this weekend, the game provided us with perhaps the hypest matches of the entire event.

WG|Summit managed to take 25th place in Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 at the inaugural event last year, but he came back even stronger with his boy Chipp Zanuff to win the entire thing despite a brick wall standing in his path.

Chachacha on the other hand doesn't appear to travel much for tournaments, but he almost always places high when he does go to a major using his oft forgotten Kum Haeyun.

The pair met in both winners and grand finals giving us incredibly close sets with very different styles each time as their grand finals match would come down to the last game and last round after the bracket reset.

Summit engaged in a high octane offensive based approach with teleporting, dashing and flying all over the screen for mix-ups while Chachacha would try to lock him down in place with Kum's powerful strikes and orb abilities.

We've collected the best highlights from their winners finals and grand finals sets plus we also highly suggest you take a look at their full finals set after the jump because it's quite the spectacle. Let's start things off where Chachacha tried to use Burst Super to stop Summit's comeback in winners finals that ultimately got countered in a way that Tasty Steve says he'd never seen before.

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Never count out Chipp until his life reaches zero...

Summit and Chachacha's match came down to the final game, but Kum would be kept in the air for almost 20 seconds in a row (broken up by a knock down) in an absolute flurry of punches and launchers.

Summit would make it into grand finals with a perfect last round in only 27 seconds.

The pair of Guilty Gear players would meet once again for grand finals going into game three all tied up where Summit absolutely melted Kum's life after some perfect reads, mix-ups and Dust usage.

Despite how strong Summit looked, Chachacha managed to reset the bracket with some amazing plays and traps that could mix up even a fortune teller.

In game two of their reset, Chachacha took out over 80 percent of Chipp's life in one wall-bounce donkey kick loop that may have turned the tides of another set... but it couldn't break Summit.

The pair clashed in the air in game four leading to Danger Time making a rare appearance opening the door for even higher damaging combos.

Grand finals came down to the final game and final round with great just frame timing on defense for Chachacha, but he ultimately couldn't keep up with Chipp's ninja movement on the wall to block the final mix-up for the EVO title.

Video courtesy of Evo2kvids.

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